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Teri Springer
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Woo hoo!!!! Welcome Piper! Good to finally see you out here! You don't know it, but we met almost exactly 5 months before you made your big entrance. And, guess what?? We share a birthday!!!! Congrats Elise and Paul (sorry we didn't get to meet you at the wedding, Paul)....and to big sister Ellerie, have fun. Your sister Piper is the one who you will love, cuddle with, fight with, etc...but, ultimately, she is your only sibling. Cherish her and she will cherish you. So glad you are doing so well, Elise..... Hugs (gently), teri donovan
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"but sadly, not international yet)." That's what Cup of Joe is for. I celebrate every holiday by purchasing $120 in coffee for our deployed troops. No, I have no control over who gets it...which is the beauty. I have made many new friends this way.
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I am glad I am not the only one who noticed the bands were upside down. And yes, I first pinned mine on upside down but felt there was too much to ease so I looked at the directions and, oopppsss......It was a fun project. Even though I am no beginner at sewing I am not proficient with wearables or bags and had to find a tutorial to figure out the gusset. Thank goodness for YouTube!!! Your bag is lovely. I had to order the fusible fleece so, since I plan to make a few more of these for friends, I just went ahead and ordered a bolt from Amazon.
I am SO sorry I missed it. My sister said the grass is now green and trees are budding. Wish I was there to see it.
As he said, it's genetics. My mom's jaw would slide out of the socket and did so, more than once, when taking a bite out of thick sandwiches (but not THIS thick). All she had to do was the "Home Alone Slap" and her jaw would pop back in....the sound was creepy.
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Apr 8, 2010