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"The spectre of racism and sexism haunts these supposedly neutral attempts to measure intelligence" I'm willing to bet the spectre of racism and sexism haunts everything Ms Power disapproves of. "On the basis of this assumption, superior knowledge ceases to be a necessary qualification of the teacher" That may well fly in the Angry Victim Studies faculty, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that if Ms Power ever needed eye surgery, her first choice of surgeon wouldn't be a guy who'd been 'taught' by a professor no more knowledgable on the subject than his first year students. "In principle then, there is no reason why a teacher is smarter than his or her student' An ungentlemanly sort might say that judging by Ms Power's not exactly bright expression in the article photograph, there's a particularly high chance of this being true in her classes. Not me, of course. "or why educators shouldn’t be able to learn alongside pupils in a shared ignorance" Therefore the distinction between teacher and student is a false one (a social construct, if you will) as the teacher is no more qualified to teach, and gains just as much benefit from, the class as the rest of the attendees. It follows that there's no justification for any individual to be assigned the title of teacher, nor picking up a paycheque for attending class while everyone else is paying for the privilege. Remind us again what you do for a living, would you, Ms Powers? "The equality of intelligence is a concept at once philosophical and political" If not based in science, observable reality or common sense. "if everyone is equally intelligent, then why should we put up with being told how to think, or what to think about" This sentence just came from a leftist member of faculty. You can insert your own punchline. "by those with a vested interest in maintaining the hierarchies of the status quo?" Um, you're a senior lecturer. You're part of the 'hierarchies of the status quo'. And your entire article is an excercise in telling people what to think (and if they disagree, they're racist and sexist). What your article unwittingly does is declare that your title and position is bogus, you have no justification in getting paid for what you do and that, as a high ranking member in the 'hierarchies of the status quo', people should resist your attempts at force feeding them your dogmas. And as it takes an especially dull witted individual to shoot themselves in the foot this catastrophically, you've pretty much undermined your thesis of equal intelligence while you're at it.
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Dec 8, 2009