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silliness is good. so is sassiness.
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Yesterday, I opened the cabinet door under the stove top to get out a pan. Before I even had a chance to bend over and find a pan, Jarah slammed the door shut and looked at me expectantly for a... Continue reading
While I was away for a few days, Jarah managed to "misplace" her newest and most favorite toy. I looked high and low for that stupid toy that went walk-about. Under all the furniture, back in every nook and cranny.... Continue reading
Happy 8th birthday my sweet girl. Continue reading
the run ... and the ribbon.... Continue reading
I am docking Jarah's allowance this week. $2.18. We went to the dog store today and she just HAD to have this doggie treat. Well, she licked it, so I went by the rule... "you lick it, you buy it".... Continue reading
Today was show and tell at the humane society kids camp. Geikie showed off her tricks and was petted by about 100 kids. A bit over whelming! Especially because it was difficult to keep the kids at bay and only... Continue reading
No NATCH this weekend. Only one Jumpers Q needed. After a handling boo-boo on Saturday, I had high hopes for Sunday, tempered only by the warm weather. Because of that, I spent my efforts keeping Jarah as cool as possible.... Continue reading
When my mom first met Geikie, she couldn't get close to the cocky. As time went on, Geikie became less afraid of people and eventually, my mom was able to scratch her head. This last trip, as Geikie worked hard... Continue reading
Everyone is entertaining themselves tonight. Jarah is outside sniffing around the bar-b-que JUST in case a tidbit fell on the ground. Pepe is chewing on a toy in his cage, while Geikie hangs on the outside watching him. Benni is... Continue reading
Yesterday, I drove in Sydney and from there to Canberra. Happy to report that my driving skills on the left side of the road are still intact. Continue reading
The woman who is boarding Jarah wanted to know if it's OK for Jarah to get up on her furniture. First time that I've been asked that question! Continue reading
After only a few weeks of training in the car - to stop Jarah from whining in her crate - she doesn't whine anymore! Of course, she now thinks that a car ride is one long treat fest. Maybe that's... Continue reading
Jarah, the hat model sporty version Continue reading
Poor Geikie. She had a traumatic day. Me - new vacuum cleaner. Geikie - happily browsing around on the floor until I turned it on. She tried to fly back to her cage, but given that she's never flown in... Continue reading
Elma, Washington Fairgrounds + rain = a very muddy dog Continue reading
Question: How far can a parrot fling food? paper? a toy part? Answer: bloody far. Continue reading
Even a bright orange ball can get lost at the park when the snow is deep enough. Ms Jarah couldn't be encouraged to find it either. Ah well, maybe it will resurface when the snow melts. Continue reading
Just as I thought, having one dog is unusual. In my agility club, of 154 members, only 19 of us have only 1 dog! Continue reading
How to get a very excited bird into a carry cage? Spend 15 min asking, cajoling, begging the bird to step up onto a perch. When finally she steps on the perch, throw a towel over her and gently guide... Continue reading
When Jarah and I are in perfect communication on a course, it's euphoric. To be treasured, because it's also rare. :) Continue reading
Late in a front cross on a Tunnerlers course? Jarah will slide by me (thankfully not knocking me over) in order to race to the next tunnel! Her speed on this course? Over 7 yards per sec or a 4.5... Continue reading
While I was in the store, Ms Jarah must have been checking for treats left in the coin bin in the car, because I found two very wet $1 bills on the driver's seat. Hmmmmm. Continue reading