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Many of our attitudes and values are simply soaked up from others. People often indulge in behavior when they do not know or have forgotten the original reasons for acting in such a way. And so it is, I believe, with much of the aversion to any action on the part of the US military. During the Cold War virtually every conflict in which the US was involved was done in the pursuit of containing the spread of communism. Thus, to those on the hard Left, all American military action was indeed evil because it was geared toward stopping the "progressive" movements in the world. In order to hinder the US opposition to the spread of communism, every effort was made to villify the military and any military action by the US. A lot of the propaganda to this effect did take root in various segments of the population. But the USSR collapsed some years ago, along with most of the movements which sought to build communist states in their countries. The original reason for opposing any military action on the part of the US has vanished, but the behavior persists. And for many people who hold such attitudes, it is really doubtful that they ever knew the original justification for it anyway.
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While I do not disagree with what you have written, I think it actually goes a step deeper. The evil rulers may indeed be complicit in the system which allows one group to have certain advantages over another, but the real evil exists in the dominant groups themselves, even if they have no dominant political power. In effect, groups which as a whole live under better economic circumstances than others are seen as being morally corrupt. The only explanation for their better circumstances is that they obtained them by "cheating" the others, and therefore deserve to be punished. All cultures are not really seen as being equal, this is just the mantra behind the double-think. I think the best current example is the villification of the Israelis. They live in a modern and prosperous country while they are sourrounded by poor people who live at a much lower level of material existence. Therefore it must be that they obtained this by cheating or exploiting the poor Palestinians. The idea that the disparity exists because of cultural superiority is something that the PC crowd could and would never accept. I would agree that among groups of people that they are all equal in terms of potential and natural ability, but I think it is plain that not all cultures are equal, a concept that goes against the whole foundation of PC.
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