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Hello Paris, I do not even know why I'm writing this letter is perhaps the hundredth letter you receive may not even know or existence, but I'll try! of letters to famous people I've written very little because I knew from the start that I would never answers. You have the dream life, not so much for your wealth, but the spirit in which you live your day. Live the life you do what you want, not the account to anyone, you have a great relationship with your mother; These are the most important things in my life. I am a guy who in life has always had to do things his own way, I always fought for myself and unfortunately I also had many disappointments by family members or friends. a year ago, I lost an essential part of my family: my uncle. was an operation without anesthesia. but even there I became strong and went ahead on my way. (I do not know if you understand a lot because to be honest I'm Italian and English, you will understand but not so much to scirvere a letter, I am writing translated with Google translator hahha. DETAILS) anyway despite my young age of 15 years, I'm mature because had experiences that made me increasingly strengthened. I started to follow the 'age of 9 years. fascinates me your smile, despite all the crap they said about you. I've hit many I've hit a lot when your reality: My new BFF. especially when in an episode in season two were talking to all the competitors to Hollywood and you wanted to vent about the MEDIA that you always bombarded, about the dirty pictures that photoshop you did suffer a lot. talking you started to cry and there I fell in love with you. There I saw the real Paris. a simple girl who, although he is rich, even if everything 'they want, who spends many evenings at the disco, is always the easy American girl with a huge heart. You are very special to me. I've always had great respect for you. You know, since his childhood dream of being a star, my attitudes already doing autographs on everything you find, organize shows with my family when I took a turn on the stereo remote control and began to sing and dance. dream every night to become a star because I think I was born to do that, but I think as I grew up in the family where I live, this is not a continue to play a dream that my relatives for me. Indeed this argument I have never spoken and I do not know if I have the strength to tell him one day. who knows maybe one day we'll meet at some party and I'll tell ': paris hello are you that Italian who wrote the letter with the Google translator: D WAHOO! I would love to meet you, or at least read it thisletter responding with a simple dot, only to say: WAHOO MY PARIS HILTON HAS SOME WRITING FROM MY BEDROOM HEADBOARD! I know accomplish much, XD now you leave your world my little princess. I saw you in the future, I know. will fight 'till the end for this;) XOXO ANDREA TERRIBLE I'm very fond of Paris. hope your in a bullet:) I wish you a long and happy life, all good in this world.
Jun 14, 2010
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Jun 14, 2010
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Jun 14, 2010