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I agree the war is over and the gays won. We won't ever go back. However, we will continue to wrangle until we either figure out a way to co-exist or not. I hope we can. Right and Truth will out, but it's been ugly and will continue to be ugly. People are acting like wounded crazed animals, and when they strike out, it hurts themselves and everybody around them. I'm truly sorry for their pain, and I realize it may be easier for me to "get back to mission" because "my team" won. The victory is just but at times feels a bit hollow. So much anger and bitterness and hate has been spewed. It's hard to recognize that we are a Church sometimes. I compare this to post-Watergate cynicism and fear fueled by hate talk radio which has resulted in this tragically bitter partisan warfare that we have been living for at least 15 years. I just wonder how it will all play out.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2006 on Let God Sort It Out at The Questioning Christian
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