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Interesting post. However may I suggest an alternative approach. Building an analogy between a human mind with a biological problem, and a sick society is an interesting tool for initial understanding and communicating, however is not fully scientific. Alternatively, you can analyse behavioural disorders (and you are professional in that!!) coming from common parenting patters again created by social conditions. A wrote a piece lately, I am afraid rather unsuccessful, titled "Becoming Rachel Corrie", where I tried to look at her parents' behavior - the fact that nobody ever ask her father if he knew about his daughter plans, what was his advice etc. You may also look at Muslim psycho in today's world, where parents releive themselves of any responsibility by giving children the world: "you are born Muslim, everything should belong to you, if not it's not our fault, it's because of nasty Jews" rather then tha lack of any desire to invest into education of their children...
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