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Jack, you always bring things into focus, thank you! We now have a textbook example of “projection”; accusing others of doing exactly what you are and have been doing. It is a sorry state of affairs in our great country that a polished, powerful propaganda machine can operate in broad daylight and not be held accountable. When I was growing up in the ‘60’s we were thought that people in Communist countries or our enemies were being brainwashed! Well, welcome to the new “opioid of the masses” America, you are being brainwashed and letting everything good and the “rule of law” be dismantled bit by bit. Truely a sad and dangerous time for the great American experiment!
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Jack, stimulating blog, as always. The ironies and hypocrisies of the right are mind boggling! Wanting to live in a 1955 world is mystifying to me; not that 1955 is not without merit, it is my birth year after all. Growing up in that period of time we were being told that doom was ever present, what with Communism and such. The end times you know!! I wanted to add an interesting factoid to your thoughts. I graduated college in 1977, yes, I am just a pup! My degree is in Recreation Administration which today seems laughable if not downright silly. Looking back on the things we were studying and preparing for included a huge increase in leisure time. The work week was supposed to be cut in half by the year 2000 and people would need to find constructive and fulfilling things to fill the extra time. Boy did the prognosticators get that backwards. Looking retirement squarely in the face, in the current political climate, and working 50-60 hour weeks for decades does not leave me questioning the roots of our collective depression. Anyway, thanks again for your wisdom and have a Happy New Year!
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I heard the term "moral injury" last year. It changed a lot of my thinking on the affect of war on individuals. It sounds like this book expands on that idea to a level of community, nation and world. I am putting "What Have We Done" on my booklist.
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Oh boy, what a game, I had to record the last 10 minutes of the game due to a previous commitment. I called my sister, who was at the game, about something other than the game and my first words were "I don't wanna know"! I listened to the radio on the way to my meeting and though I was much more of a "glass half full" guy when Gustafson's sack turned into a fumble I assumed all was lost. Well, I should have gone straight to my recording but popped onto the internet and accidentally saw the score. I was shocked and HAD to see how they pulled this one out! I concur about the rest of the season but talk about lighting a fire under the fan base and scaring the rest of the Big Sky Conference, WOW!
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Jack, I have gotten behind in my reading of "Ni Fallor" but I promise to get caught up, maybe after a nap! I was raised in a faith community that hoped for and predicted end times. Well, that hasn't worked out too well as a life message so I'm "Stuck in the middle with you". I certainly take exception that capitalism will solve all of the world's problems, while not the cause of all of them; capitalism works best as a greed based system. Technology, which was my career, does hold as many opportunity for solving problems as creating them. Again it seems greed plays a major role in where technology can take us. I ask, ironically, why non of the major religions or great theologians and philosophers have never given mankind any direction regarding greed? Now I really need a nap!
You always ask the hard questions Jack! I appreciate that and agree with what you are saying. In the past decade or so the United States has implemented a "Prison for profit" concept that is truly horrendous. Forgiveness and true rehabilitation takes courage, compassion and a complete shift in our thinking. It is none the less a worthy goal both for the individual and society. I welcome a butler, cook and handyman!
Let's not forget that many so called "baptized" Christians have in fact been baptized incorrectly at least in the eyes of the rest of Christendom. Such abomination removes those unfortunates from the rolls of god's children and leaves them susceptible to all manner of horrors. After all, if you are not a child of god, I can rape, pillage and plunder to my heart's content. It reminds me of a joke about the denomination, which shall remain nameless, that I was raised in: Saint Peter is giving a tour of heaven to the newly ascended. As he approaches the area where my denomination resides he tells the flock to please "Be quiet, this denomination thinks they are the only ones here!" I makes my heart sick that such a simple yet powerful message has been so distorted.
I'm sitting here with my DSM-IV trying to pin which mental illness it is that manifests itself in conservative thought. Rampant paranoia, persecution complexes, black and white thinking and so on. This is not to make light of mental illness, I just think psychiatrists would have a field day with this obsession to get back to the "good old days" that men of Mr. Buckley's intellect should have known never existed. I must take exception with one comment however, it is my understanding of the facts that Ronald Reagan deserves less than minimal credit for the fall of communism. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" was and remains nothing more than a photo op/sound bite. Neither that or anything else Reagan did made a major impact on the changes in the Soviet Union. A great example of the right's delusions of their own importance. Done venting, carry on!
Ok, first of all statement number 2 is an flip answer to a stupid question and IMHO. Statement three was the culmination of a witch hunt that lasted for over eight years. You do not give me the option of zero pitchforks but I'm claiming executive privilege. Attempted entrapment, hyperbolic spin beget evasion. Besides since when do fibs about sex and pot rise to the level of the rest of the list.
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Sounds like a great read! I've spent the past decade or more trying to move from the complex of anxieties into the hopeful simplicity. Like all worthwhile endeavors it has not been an easy journey but one I highly recommend.
I have enjoyed your commentary on Original Sin Jack. I was raised in a faith community that did not put much if any emphasis on Original Sin so they have been most insightful. The Alka-Seltzer analogy was particularly inspired I thought. At this point in my life I look to a deeper understanding of who this Jesus person was and filter out what others have added over the millennium. Always find your posts thoughtful and enlightening. Here's to another 15 parts.
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I always wanted to be poor when I grew up.
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Very well put Jack, it is especially discouraging that the likes of John Kerry and Barack Obama are now towing the party line of America's non-imperialist Imperialism. In the words of the great prophet George Carlin: "ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME WE BOMBED SOME BROWN PEOPLE!!"
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Jack, you are making my head hurt. You also made me think and that's a good thing, sometimes. The author's circuitous logic turning plain words attributed to Jesus to essentially a free pass for our behavior leaves me cold and confused. Perhaps it is my rejection of the concept of Original Sin and man being fallen by nature or I'm just not a philosopher. I agree that we all fall short but believe that redemption is granted freely by a loving God. In my own life forgiveness of self is much harder to attain and maintain. "Or are such demands just a way of throwing in their faces that, since we are clearly not prepared to act this way, we are all sinners whose salvation can only come in another world—a position that can be (and has been) used to justify almost anything?" Wow, its a get out of jail card! I'm not sure if what I am trying to say is in agreement with Graeber or just the opposite. I will thank him and you Jack for helping me understand the reasoning of those I could not understand.
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I tire of these meatheads.
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I assume and certainly hope you were not resentful of anything I said. My intention was to point out my own misspent youth. I have a bad shoulder from playing ball and women avoid me like the plague. They did that in my youth too but I have to try to save some small piece of self respect so I don't mention that!!! Oh wait, too late now. Your academic endeavors are not wasted or unappreciated by this empty vessel.
Jack, another thought provoking blog. I learn so much from these things, while you were reading and studying I was out playing ball and chasing girls. A couple of comments: especially considering the inclusion of my adopted country Canada. Canadaian culture, as you know, does not entrench things so deeply and dogmatically as we "Yanks" do. The result of this will likely be that Trinity will be on the short end of any ruling. I agree that an ad-hock solution would be preferable. Canada spend little or no time listening to legal "ya, buts." You know, ya, but the founding fathers, or ya, but the Constitution really means.....and so on. Regarding the B.C. Lions CFL football team, that is, as you know where Grizzly great and Montana native Dave Dickenson played most of his career. I enjoyed your ability to tie in Missoula, Montana, U of M, Griz football, Canada, the CFL and even Calgary. Dave now coaches for the Calgary Stampeders. Calgary being where my 3 daughters live. I have a friend who shares the Rod Dreher's last buddy is
Very informative review of the simultaneous sanctification of capitalism and the selling of the soul of Christendom. Good job Jack, keep up the good work.
Based on the evidence provided herein in part 1 I do find for selfishness. Being a gosh darn liberal I must, buy blood oath, remain open to further edification and therefore keep my right to reversal open. Can you say flip flop!!
I should really look up pillorying but its more fun to guess; is that when you tie someone to a chair and proceed to strike the person with stuffed throw cushions like in a pillor fight? No?
Jack, if I may speak for you, meant that the 4th Friday in November 2013 will be November 22 and thus the 50th anniversary. I enjoyed your take on this day Jack since I too equate the decline of America began on that awful day. I was 8 years old and home for lunch when Walter Cronkite made his fateful announcement. I think even at that young age I grasped the something more than the death of the President had happened. Throughout my Jr. High, High School and university years I read many books and tried to stay on top of things related to the assassination. The first book I got my hands on was the Jim Garrison book upon which JFK the movie was based. I knew nothing about mental illness at the age of 11 or 12 so I became a conspiratist even though I did try to read parts of the Warren Commission Report. After university I became much more concerned about documentation, facts, the actual police, FBI, etc. reports. For the 25th anniversary I read the entire Warren Commission Report, the Zapruder film became available for public consumptions, and I began reading only books with proper references. I quickly became convinced that in spite of all the supposed clues of a grand cabal this was the work of Lee Oswald alone. Jack I recently read Mrs. Payne's Garage, I think at your suggestion but the book that really made me stop and think was Marina and Lee by Priscilla Johnson McMillan. Terry
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Our gift is knowing there is now a better chance for those programs and people we fight for can survive or maybe even flourish. Thanks for a well written and thoughtful always. See you Sunday if you can make it down. Terry
I certainly do not believe in magic. I believe in truth, facts, honesty and just a hint of humility. I must be an easy grade too because I thought it was pretty even and Romney's lies and evasion glaring. I thought Romney did show his true colors tonight. I found him abrupt, rude, arrogant, and controlling though intimidation. I sensed contempt toward both Leherer and the President. A bully born with a silver spoon in his mouth using all his tricks to try to win the brass ring. The bloated gloating on the right has already reached a fever pitch so I'm watching NCIS and House. Give it a week, with all the lies tonight and their unavoidable grandiosity, most gains made tonight will be gone. Trust me, I said we would never elect an actor or a playboy coke addict as president. What could go wrong?
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Thank you for a fitting tribute to Bobby Kennedy and the resulting leadership vacuum left after his murder. I can not agree more that our hopes and dreams of a better America were murdered one by one. I was in junior high in 1968 but there was a tangible feeling of loss and hopelessness after Bobby's death. You described this phenomenon expertly; I just want to add my voice. I was there, it changed the world, even more than his brother's death.
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Amen brother. Raping a woman is the highest form of cowardice and short of pedophiles the lowest form of human behavior.