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Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and Afghanistan boiling over and his pre-occupation is demonizing George Bush. At what point will the nation wake up to this one trick pony?
Thank you for posting this Pamela. Brilliant. Best speech since Bush's address to Congress after 9/11
The consensus on Baer's Fox News is that Obama wiil reverse himself on this. If he does, in my opinion, it will be the first pro American thing he's done since being elected, other than retaining Gates in Defense.
QuoVadis You say Obama is an atheist. You might be right. I don't know. He certainly doesn't act like the Christian he claims to be. I don't know what he is. I do know he was born a Muslim. And if he is a Muslim I don't know what he would be doing differently.
All cultures are not equal. The differences between the inferior Islamic culture and our own are too numerous to mention. A culure that stones woman for adultery, for example, is not equal to one that does not. This might be of little consequence if Muslims hadn't declared war on us and if the current President of the United States were not a pretend Christian who was born a Muslim and who campaiged with his openly Sharia supporting cousin Odinga in 2006. BTW do Muslims celebrate Mothers Day?
Not just a slice but out of bounds. Bush did wonders in the face of stupid, vivious anti-American opposition from within America. America gave blood and treasure to secure the liberation of 28 million Iraqis from a genocidal, terrorist- harboring, terrorist-supporting, stalinist maniac. This war of liberation, which saved lives even as it was being fought, is the most generous thing one nation has ever done for another. And yet Obama apologizes to the Muslim world for America's sins. This is insanity. Obama should apologize for being a Bush bashing idiot. I can't wait to see the expressions on the faces of his idiot supporters when the closing of Gitmo is extended.