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Terry Hamilton
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You Go Monica! Unfortunately you are absolutely correct on your assessment of President Obama and his goal to change us into a Socialist country. I am not totally in agreement with you he is looking for a European Socialist style government but actually believe he is aiming towards a Marxist-Socialist style government much like the old Soviet-Union or Nazi Germany. I see the addition of 16,000 IRS agents as the beginning of the Nazi Brown Shirt militia. This health-care is just the beginning of a triad of goals this president has in mind to fundamentally transform America into the utopia he envisions and dreams. Now Health-care is out of the way he will next focus on Amnesty for all illegals. I would presume we can expect with a bipartisan vote of both Moderate Republicans and the Democrats to get Amnesty passed and made into law before the July 4 celebrations. He would definitely want all the new citizens to celebrate their new freedom, right! After health-care and Amnesty he goes for the gusto of Cap-and-Trade and again with bipartisan support from Moderate Republcians; AKA- John McCain, he will have this passed and made into law prior to the November elections. Come November when the American people can finally voice their opinion and vote in a new Congress all the bills will have been passed and made into law. With the new citizens made under Amnesty beholding to President Obama they will vote Democratic in November and the beat goes on. We are heading down a very dangerous path. One I do fear is even more perilous than the one the country followed during the civil-war under President Lincoln. One will lead us to dissolve as a union and states receding from the union which will lead to our undoing as the only Super-power in the world and affect our ability to maintain a strong military. The other road will lead us into slavery and a totalitarian dictatorial government. Either way we have a very long hard road ahead. Terry
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Mar 22, 2010