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Wonderful piece of history, Mark, and well done, as usual. Many thanks for this.
A couple of comments. Firstly, it is the artificiality of the manufactured crises that are presented when there is no real crisis that has killed much of TV journalism. Secondly, there really isn't a content "business" in the world of news. The media, as I've said a lot lately, isn't in the content business; it's in the advertising business. Where the ad revolution goes, that's where media companies need to go, because that will pay for their (alleged) commitment to journalism.
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This is an excellent summary, Steve. I stumbled a little over the idea that managers must become leaders, because, like Abraham Zaleznek's "Managers and Leaders, Are They Different?," I'm not convinced such a shift is possible. I ran a personality company 10 years ago, and some of our work was in this area. Managers and leaders have two distinctively different personalities, so it's very hard to shift one to the other. I concur that we need leaders, people who can focus on the goal rather than the process for attaining that goal, but I'm not at all convinced we can grow those kinds of people from existing management stock. Thanks for this wonderful summary, however. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Craig, this makes me sick, because I know first hand what it's all about, having worked in TV news management most of my life. My first job in the biz was at a small radio station in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. A rural nearby town had passed a resolution to not allow cameras in their public meetings, so teams from all the big markets (Milwaukee, Green Bay) sent camera crews to cover their next meeting. That was my story, not the meeting itself. Not one reporter was comfortable being interviewed. Not one. And you know why? Because they KNEW how what they said could be twisted in such a way as to make them look bad. Be of good cheer, Craig, for those of us who know you know better than this bottom feeder.
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Delve deeper, and you'll discover the ancient mystery of justice and mercy combined. The human experience cannot fathom this without a revelation from within, for while justice and mercy, like your passion and reason, seem to be opposites, each gives the other meaning on the path to contentment. Reason embraces that which is just, while passion finds room for mercy. Two sides of the same coin, they are. Brilliant piece, John. Thank you.
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Mar 23, 2010