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Alas "Wilbert - Kearns" sounds better than "Kearns - Wilbert" so I'll give you top billing. I was downtown on foot today. My branding genes get no juice at all from "100 Peachtree" or "200 Peachtree." Removing the columns and the trees on the Equitable plaza eliminated a comforting enclosure from what was a nice and well-used public space. Now the cafe tables are totally exposed almost like the barren Ga Pacific plaza. Maybe they'll put something back. Downtown needs all the comfortable outdoor spaces it can get.
Have they taken down the giant "Equitable" signs?
These make quite a change, as you approach from the south they seen to block Peachtree. At 11th-12th you go though a gate, a "tunnel" almost always in shadow. It seems to divide Peachtree in two: south of here and north of here. Seems like I've read about why Peachtree bends there but I can't remember.
Yes, drive-to walk-ability is a good thing. Do do projects without it. Bravo Avalon.
The only sign (that should be put back) is the "Life of Georgia" sign. The building doesn't look as good without it. The "Coastal States," "Equitable," "Emory," and ATT signs work for me. I guess these things could go way wrong though.
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Apr 19, 2011