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Terry McKenna
Kure Beach, NC
Helping organizations & individuals realize their potential
Interests: Beach, Travel, Working out, Reading, Personal Development, Pittsburgh Steelers
Recent Activity
Just because you've begun down one path doesn't mean you're committed to it forever, especially if that path turns out to be flawed or impeded. * Continue reading
The ability to consistently innovate is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage due to the speed of the markets, the rapid shifting of consumer trends and the limited attention of customers. * Continue reading
You can measure the hours people spend in training, but it's even better to measure the objective knowledge they've acquired, which you can do with testing. * Continue reading
It is the responsibility of good leaders to make sure that words remain attached to the meanings and ideals they represent. * Continue reading
Here's a good question to ask at your next executive level staff meeting: "What did our competition try, and why did it work." Look for the little things that made a big difference. * Continue reading
At your organization, how often is feedback nonthreatening, and work-focused rather than person-focused? Feedback at most companies are exactly the opposite: telling the hapless employee what he or she did wrong, not how to do better, and specifying personal traits (attitude, personality) that must be changed, all under the unspoken... Continue reading
Leaders can make employees feel comfortable asking questions by openly acknowledging when he or she doesn't know the answer. Humility is a vital leadership success factor. Another way is by having days in which employee are explicitly encouraged to ask "Why?" "What if...?" and "How might we...?" kinds of questions.... Continue reading
According to Gartner, a research and advisory firm, 69% of employees don't believe in the cultural goals set by their leaders, 87% don't understand them, and 90% don't behave in ways that align with them. By closing these gaps, Gartner says, companies are 9% more likely to meet or exceed... Continue reading
A recent survey revealed that sit-down meetings were 34% longer than stand-up meetings, but they produced no better decisions than stand-up meetings. Steve jobs was notorious for his long walking meetings. * Continue reading
Metrics are important for measuring your progress when you know exactly what you want to do, but they can also stifle innovation. * Continue reading
This is how you win: Discipline, Fortitude, Courage, Clearheadedness, Selflessness, Sacrifice. This is how you lose: Cowardice, Rashness, Disorganization, Overconfidence, Weakness, Selfishness. The best thing about this? Only you get to decide what path to take. Choose widely! * Continue reading
Research shows that public goals are more likely to be attained than goals held in private. In a recent survey of one thousand working U.S. adults, 92% said they'd be more motivated to reach their goals if colleagues could see their progress. * Continue reading
Leaders must demonstrate their trust worthiness, over time, through their actions - and the best way to do that is by responding well to failure. * Continue reading
I just heard this and I think it's a great line: "Children don't lack capacity, they lack teachers." * Continue reading
"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." -Mother Teresa * Continue reading
Even when a leader thinks his or her troops understand the bigger picture, they very often have difficulty connecting the dots between their daily job responsibilities they're immersed in with the greater overarching organizational goals. Good leaders invest their time ensuring all the dots are connected. * Continue reading
Learning is something you do for yourself. Education is something done to you. * Continue reading
Limits force us to rethink how we are working and push us to new heights of creativity. * Continue reading
Sometimes grasping the big picture is important. A lot of times, though, it's counterproductive and overwhelming to be thinking of everything that lies ahead. So by focusing exclusively on the present, we're able to avoid or remove those intimidating or negative thoughts from our frame of view. * www, Continue reading
You'll never stumble upon the unexpected if you stick only to the familiar. * Continue reading
Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good. * Continue reading
"It has nothing to do with the way that I dress or how I sound. It has everything to do with the power of the message." -Lady Gaga What is your brand's message? * Continue reading
Spend some time - real, uninterrupted time, thinking about what's important to you, what your priorities are. Then work toward that and forsake all the others. It's not enough to wish and hope. One must act - and act right. * Continue reading
Evaluate what you are doing, why you are doing it, and where accomplishing it will take you. If you don't have a good answer, then stop. * Continue reading
When we choose the wrong measurement, we get the wrong behavior. Choose wisely! * Continue reading