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Terry McKenna
Kure Beach, NC
Helping organizations & individuals realize their potential
Interests: Beach, Travel, Working out, Reading, Personal Development, Pittsburgh Steelers
Recent Activity
Leaders must develop their ability to change themselves before they attempt to change the organizations they lead. Continue reading
If you want people to follow you, you have to give them a reason for doing so. Continue reading
"I thought it would be nice to get a job at a duty-free shop, but it doesn't sound like there's a whole lot to do in a place like that." -George Carlin Continue reading
By the time a problem or opportunity gets big enough to trigger a top-down change initiative, the organization's already playing catch-up. #change #corporateculture Continue reading
Most ailing organizations have developed a blindness to their own defects. They're not suffering because they cannot solve their problems, but because than cannot see their problems. #corporateculture #organizationaleffectiveness Continue reading
The leader of the future won't know enough to tell people what to do. The world is changing too rapidly. No one person will be smart enough to keep up. #change #future Continue reading
Per Gallup, 51% of US managers are not engaged, and 14% are actively disengaged. In other words, your boss is probably just as disheartened as you are. #employeeengagement #corporateculture Continue reading
Crafting a new management model is more about "discover and test" than "engineer and impose." Continue reading
A Corporate Executive Board (CBE) study found zero correlation between individual employee performance ratings and actual business results. That's about as uncorrelated as you can get. #employeeperformance #corporateculture Continue reading
We like ideas and people that fit into our world-view, but there is tremendous value in finding room for those that don't. Continue reading
When you come upon a constraint, instead of thinking, "I can't because," focus instead on how the problem can be solved, beginning every statement with "I can if..." #personaldevelopment #constraints Continue reading
Mutual respect is a job performance booster. Continue reading
In Gallup's State of the American Workplace survey, which polled more than 195,000 employees, only 2 out of 10 respondents said they had a close friend at work. Gallup estimates that if this number was tripled to 6 out of 10, the average company would increase its profitability by 12%.... Continue reading
It is sometimes terribly difficult to be grateful in bad circumstances, but the alternative is bitterness. Continue reading
The primary cause of poor strategy execution is lack of clarity as to the objectives. People simply don't understand the objectives and how they will be measured against those objectives. Continue reading
Sometimes rock bottom can become the solid foundation on which to rebuild your life. Continue reading
A Harvard psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar writes, "Fear of failure, resulting from often unrealistic and perfectionist demands is one of the key detractors from learning, leading to lack of creativity and procrastination. Learn to fail or fail to learn." #personaldevelopment Continue reading
Eric Hoffer, a Depression-era migratory worker, wrote, "The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings." Continue reading
Do you treat yourself the way you want others to treat you? Continue reading
Research continually shows that group goals inspire people to work more quickly and for longer periods, pay more attention to the tasks that matter, become less distracted, and increase their overall efforts. Continue reading
Today's rapid change calls for a culture of mobility. Put your faith in action rather than analysis, in pursuit instead of painstaking preparation. #corporateculture #performance #change Continue reading
Data complied by Great Places to Work revealed that only one in five of the reporting companies paid out cash bonuses, with the medium payout of 4.7% of employee pay. Continue reading
Empowerment is most highly correlated with employee engagement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment, while accountability is the strongest factor impacting job performance. #leadership #business #corporateculture Continue reading
Commitment flourishes in an environment of trust. In a 2016 Ernest & Young global survey, fewer than half of the ten thousand employees surveyed said they had a "great deal of trust" in their colleagues or the company overall. Continue reading
If you're not failing, you're not pushing the limits of your abilities. Continue reading