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Terry McKenna
Kure Beach, NC
Helping organizations & individuals realize their potential
Interests: Beach, Travel, Working out, Reading, Personal Development, Pittsburgh Steelers
Recent Activity
Studies show that when managers take the time to thank their employees, those employees are more engaged and productive. Simple right? So why do employee engagement scores continue to be so low? Continue reading
Action is the most potent antidote to fear. The only way to rise above it is to go right through the heart of it. Continue reading
By discounting the price of our inaction and indecision, we sell ourselves out and settle for a life far smaller than the one we are capable of living. All the while dreams retreat, passion wanes, doors close, talent sleeps, and life passes. Continue reading
Often, younger or less experienced employees will be your chief innovators, because they're less constrained by what "usually" works. Continue reading
No solution can possibly exist while you're lost in the energy of the problem. Continue reading
Both hope and despair are forms of belief. Both hope and despair are self-fulfilling prophecies. Continue reading
Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report 74% less stress. Continue reading
Yes, self-discipline is important, however, defining routines and systems is more important than relying solely on self-discipline. Continue reading
Great leaders look for decision points. For it is bursts of energy directed at decisive points that break things wide open. Continue reading
If you give a team the full time that they ask for, or the full budget that they want, or the full number of people that they need, those teams never execute anything of significance. But if you give them less, make things a little more challenging, they'll push themselves.... Continue reading
Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel, outlined when he described what happens to businesses in tumultuous times: "Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them." Continue reading
When people have a voice, when they feel like they have influence, when they believe that they are fairly rewarded for the contributions they make, it creates a sense of confidence in the organization, and therefore more reasons to care about the organization and its future. Continue reading
Translate your strategy from concepts to targets, from vague strategic intent to a set of specific time-lines. Measure your progress along the way, with the flexibility and adaptability to pivot on a moment's notice. Continue reading
Leaders who ask questions and solicit input from those they lead and those around them, are more effective than "dictator, command and control" leaders who just push their demands and requests on others. Here's the formula: Involvement = Buy-in = Engagement = Commitment = Results! Continue reading
How can leaders summon their colleagues to rethink what's possible in their fields, to do things that others won't do, if they can't summon a sense that everyone is in it together? Continue reading
Leaders must be comfortable accepting some level of risk. As the U.S. Naval hero of the American Revolution and Father of the U.S. Navy, John Paul Jones, said: "Those who will not risk cannot win." Continue reading
As you pursue your goals and objectives in 2020, the key to success lies in one-word: Focus. A 24-7, laser-like focus on what you want to achieve. Continue reading
May 2020 be your best year yet. Make a promise to yourself to fully commit to going after those goals in your life that you have been putting off. Make a promise to yourself to pursue all the God-given potential you have been blessed with. If you do, just imagine... Continue reading
Positive energy is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets, the more powerful you become. Repetition is the key. The more you focus on positive energy the more it becomes part of your natural state. Continue reading
True leaders don't complain. Once you complain, you're creating a culture that says complaining is the norm, because the leader not only allows it, but practices it. Emotions are contagious, and as a leader, you set the tone for your team. Continue reading
"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." -Galileo Galilei Continue reading
Numbers and goals don't drive people. People with a purpose drive numbers and achieve goals. Research clearly shows that true motivation is driven by meaning and purpose rather than extrinsic rewards, numbers, and goals. Continue reading
Merry Christmas to all of my Blog subscribers. May 2020 be your Best year yet! Continue reading
For companies and brands that aspire to do something extraordinary, what you believe is as important as what you sell. What does your company believe? Continue reading
What's your #1 thing, that above all else, you want to accomplish in 2020? What are your top-3 things that you'll need to do daily to ensure that you're #1 thing is achieved by 12.31.20? Continue reading