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Terry McKenna
Kure Beach, NC
Helping organizations & individuals realize their potential
Interests: Beach, Travel, Working out, Reading, Personal Development, Pittsburgh Steelers
Recent Activity
Answering "why" provides context and meaning. People are far more likely to embrace the what and how once they understand the why. Continue reading
Organizations would be wise to focus their efforts on strategic "doing" vs strategic planning. Published failure rates for strategic planning range from 70 to 90 percent. #strategy Continue reading
Life should not be easy. We're meant to push ourselves and try new things, which will definitely make us feel uncomfortable. #change Continue reading
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." -Robert Byrne, author Continue reading
If you're going to focus on one thing that you should grow, it's stronger. #strategy Continue reading
Every morning, if we're blessed to have our eyes open to another new day, we have the opportunity to start over again. What's the #1 thing you can start doing today that will put you on the path to your dreams? Continue reading
If you want to play the odds, bet on failure. That's what's likely to happen when you execute strategy or implement organizational change. #strategy Continue reading
There's a big difference between the will to win and the will to do what it takes to win. Continue reading
Being a successful leader is not about what you do. It's about what your people experience. #leadership Continue reading
Harvard's Teresa Amabile found that making progress on important work was one of the biggest motivators at work. In fact, making progress on meaningful work was a key feature of 76% of all people's best days. She called this the Progress Principle. #personaldevelopment Continue reading
When you reframe how you look at a situation, you may go from seeing problems to seeing hidden opportunities. Continue reading
If you filter out new ideas based solely on whether they meet your financial projections, then you're going to miss some great, perhaps groundbreaking ideas. #innovation Continue reading
If you're not encountering defeat on a fairly regular basis, you're not trying hard enough. #personaldevelopment Continue reading
According to Gallup, 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every single day. What's your company's succession plan? Continue reading
You can complain about all the bureaucratic BS, or pick up a shovel. Continue reading
Most company strategies today, "We're going to exceed last year's performance by doing everything exactly the same." What companies need are bigger, better, bolder strategies. #strategy Continue reading
The only thing more difficult than the emotional toil of pursuing your potential is the emotional toil of not pursuing your potential. #personaldevelopment Continue reading
Personal growth comes at the point of resistance. We grow and learn by pushing ourselves and finding what lies at the outer reaches of our ability. Continue reading
In the long run, painful losses may prove much more valuable than wins. Those who are armed with a healthy attitude and are able to draw wisdom from every experience, "good" or "bad," are the ones who make it down the road to success. They are also the ones who... Continue reading
Systematize your time to optimize your day, so that you never have to say, it's too late! Continue reading
One of the oldest motivators of all: competition. Someone is always chasing you! Continue reading
University of North Carolina's Barbara Fredrickson discovered "the positivity ratio," or the fact that it takes three positive thoughts to counter a single negative thought. She's quoted, "Three-to-one, is the ratio we've found to be the tipping point beyond which the full impact of positive emotions becomes unleashed." Continue reading
Make sure what you know doesn't limit what you can imagine. #personaldevelopment Continue reading
Far beyond our comfort zone is where we find out who we are and what we can be. Continue reading
Far beyond our comfort zone is where we find out who we are and what we can be. Continue reading