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i had dero out & put him back in because of this post! you're slipping, ives!
Toggle Commented May 23, 2010 on Fantasy MLS: Week 9 at Soccer By Ives
Ah, "Argentine-born." My bad.
that an 18yo american is starting and scoring w/river plate in league play is huge news & is being underreported by the US soccer media. thanks for doing your part to address that, ives. how a kid who can score for river plate in league competition doesn't get called to rongen's U-20 camp is beyond me. (SBI-It's probably because he's not a U.S. citizen and therefore not eligible for the U-20 team.)
Agreed. He should be available & he's got a good track record as an MLS coach.
"Ballouchy encouraged to get involved in the offense", By John Meyer, The Denver Post, 05/01/2009 "We look towards Mehdi, with all the talent, athleticism and creativity he's got, to be somebody who's supplying (assists) and also chipping in with some goals," Smith said. "He's worked ever so hard at the (defensive) side of his game, he's very disciplined in his approach, he covers a lot of ground, moreso negatively — stopping opponents (from) being creative themselves — which is testimony to the lad's attitude." ... "What we have to try and do is break some of those shackles so he can be a little more expressive," Smith said. "If we can just get him in more advanced positions and more creative positions, I think we'll see, with the quality he's got, some reward for that." ballouchy assist totals: 2006 (RSL): 2 2007 (RSL): 0 2007 (CLO): 2 2008 (CLO): 4 2009 (CLO): 7 so smith wanted more assists out of ballouchy & got them, to the point that he tied for 9th leaguewide this season. your point?
Are you making some kind of argument here? Ballouchy was capable of tying for 9th in the league in assists before coming to Colorado?
forgot omar cummings, who emerged as a legit MVP candidate (along w/casey) this year under smith. & casey now scoring vital goals for the USMNT. plus it's kind of unfair to say out of 1 side of your mouth that smith should be fired for finishing .500 & then say out of the other side that the ownership has not enabled him compete on even terms w/clubs that have ponied up for DPs. finishing .500 in a league where you're being outspent by most of the other clubs is better than par.
this is colorado's 1st non-losing season in 4 years & they missed the playoffs on a tiebreaker. gary smith has done an objectively good job & deserves another year to continue his so far successful rebuilding of this team. i particularly like how he has collected a solid group of younger guys, & plenty of americans, w/no crazy salaries. it's a stable model & the team has begun to build an identity under him. mehdi ballouchy has blossomed under him, though others had struggled to get productivity out of him. ditto for conor casey. nick labrocca has earned a USMNT camp callup & colin clark has earned his 1st cap under smith's tutelage. why disrupt upward momentum? this is what RBNY did w/arena & i'm sure they regret it now.
agreed that cummings deserves to be in the conversation, too
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Who is your 2009 MLS MVP? at Soccer By Ives
Matt Reis -- Highest save %age. Should at least be an option.
VERY GOOD NEWS! kudos to MLS & toronto FC.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2009 on BMO Field to have grass in 2010 at Soccer By Ives
good & good. particularly like the balanced schedule.
funniest yet, i say
David Yeldell. Established starting GK in Bundesliga 2. Consider Heath Pearce plays at the same level & started regularly since the last game. Also consider that Troy Perkins has a recent cap. Jon Busch also, as the best domestic GK last year, notwithstanding his week 1 laugher. I concur on Marshall, Orozco & Cooper.
David Yeldell. GK starting regularly in Bundesliga 2, they've never even looked at. If Troy Perkins can get a cap, Yeldell should get a look. If a Bundesliga 2 caliber guy can regularly start (Heath Pearce, until the last game), Yeldell should get a look. A net-minder who deserves to get another look: Jon Busch. On the basis of being the best keeper in MLS all of last year, in spite of his week 1 laugher this year. I concur on Marshall, Orozco & Cooper.
Cherundolo is hurt, I presume?
Your turn, Mike Grella & Alejandro Bedoya.
I disagree with you, I just don't think it's that big a deal and I don't sense any clamoring for further explanation from the MLS-viewing public. What he has said to his teammates is presumably between him & his teammates. That said, your argument is well-put and obviously sincere. The LAST thing I'd want you to do is start pulling punches on your actual opinions about the players that you cover. I am glad to hear you tuning out those who courageously use the medium of anonymous internet posts to engage in juvenile ad hominem attacks on those who disagree with them...
Couldn't Toronto FC have had Serioux in the expansion draft 2 years ago for free?
Why Movsisyan ahead of two guys that just made the USMNT squad for the Mexico game?
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2009 on The 2006 MLS Draft Do-Over at Soccer By Ives
I'm glad Arena has acquired one of the top 12 left backs in MLS.
it's discrimination against the mullet ...
Kreis deserves a bit more of a mention for Coach of the Year. Maybe not even the best defender on his own team, but I think RBNY reject Danny O'Rourke has been a huge part of 1 of the best team in the league & 1 of its best Ds. Honorable mention? Louis Crayton was a nice newcomer for DCU, but a little late in the season to merit serious consideration. Again, honorable mention. Rookie of the Year candidates = 1st round pick (Franklin), 3rd round pick (Cameron), 1st rd supplemental pick (Dube). Snubee (Braun) discovered by Preki at a USASA tournament. Busch ran away w/a stat that I think goes undernoticed: save percentage. He saved a much higher percentage of shots on goal than anyone else (78.2% vs. 74.7% for #2, Joe Cannon), which translated directly in the GAA stat. It gives you an idea of good they were at stopping shots when opponents got a shot on frame past the rest of the defense. Reis wasn't even in the top half of MLS starting GKs (#7 w/71.3%).
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2008 on My take on the MLS Awards at Soccer By Ives
2nd the Morales for Blanco comment. Boswell also came to mind for Defender of the Year more than Conrad. He also deserves consideration for Comeback Player of the Year, but those are 3 pretty good stories he'd have to bump aside.
An MLS playoff game at RFK Stadium this season? No fair taunting the DCU fans, Ives....