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Cameroon will remain one .scapo ,bamosd ,scnc are ridiculous .We cameroonians know how to fight bandits.wait and see.
Be sure that cameroonians want peace.I know that biya's regime have destroyed our hope for progress and development.But it is not an argument for a small group of dreamers of scnc to support nigerian bandits who are trying to prevent the handing over of bakassi.Any movement ,group , trying to attack or divide Cameroon will be destroyed by all means. scnc represents nothing:a handfull of thieves .
Marafa has been sued to court by fru ndi for his false allegations.He had invented a trick to disturb the judges.This is a nonsense accusation , another Marafa invention.
SCNC is a small gang ,a group of thieves.The best idea is independance for any tribe.Let's be serious,There's no hope , no future for secessionist.SCNC must disappear .If the group of dreamers claiming to be leaders want to eat a very good pounded achu with some palm wine,Ma Emilia is ready for achu ,i'll bring the wine . No group , movement ,party ,country can bring hope when the basis of his fight is division.someone talk about Ghana,Kenya ...who have some success comparatively to Frogs.I share part of this idea .But reread history :all the fight of NKRUMAH,KENYATTA ..., was precisely UNITY. Do you claim to be more intelligent than these leaders? DEFINITIVELY NO HOPE IN DIVISION.The scnc are dreamers,ennemies of Cameroon,Africa and black race.We must be unite to fight against the dictatorship of Biya :pygmees,bamilekes,bororos,dualas,banyas,betis,peuls...that's the charm of Cameroon.
I did not imagine that there 're so much white men here ,insulting a black man ,"black monkey" ,this is the highest level of stupidity.I m a neger and proud of it.No fight against a dictatorship may be efficient, if we are divided and I do not beleave a former cpdm top official can bring any change in our country.The scnc must disappear .A group of ten dreamers have decided to become nigerian slaves ,that's their problem.We camerounians prefer freedom.Long live CAMEROON.
SCNC is a fantomatic movement created by Nigeria to disturb Cameroon.His chairman Carlson Anyangwe was a top executive in Cpdm the criminal ruling party that devasted our Cameroon.We must be unite to fight the dictatorship in our country.People from east ,the pygmees are marginalised,from west,from north ,and even from south.The tendance all over the world is to form strong blocks and somme fools are preaching division.Cameroon will remain one and indivible to fight for justice in our country. i love you all.
I totally agree with you .All the stolen money has been eaten by the cpdm.It is also clear that Biya and his family are deeply involved in all the mismanagements and thefts .why is the budget of the presidency 40 billions cfa f the double or triple of ministry of agriculture,or public works ,or employement ? But i can not agree with you: Biya in not the "father" of any camerooniain .He claims to be president.I can not consider a man who instituated tribalism as a mean for governing as a father,a man who killed more than 200 people recently in a demontration as a father.As a political leader you must not consider Biya as a father .He is a politician full stop. The word father has been used by so many dictatorships in africa to dash hope and critics. god bless you
M MAMA FOUDA made this statement appealing to ethnic war on Crtv and cameroon tribune.He has not yet been dismissed , no procecussion against those criminals.Because this is a crime , punished in the criminal law.The government has closed a tv station and one broadcasting station (magic fm) .At the same time crtv and cameroon tribune who broadcasted those appeal to war are still open .In the last edition of Le messager Fame Ndongo ,minister of higher education stated "...the center province ,apart from Yaounde ,who is cosmopolitan ,was calm.." that means it is because Yaoundé is cosmopolitan that there have been demonstrations of anger there .In other words people coming from "outside" brought the demontrations in yaounde.That is exactly what Mama fouda and his friends has already said. we know that criminals are governing the country.where is the justice ?judges were very fast against the youth , arrested illegaty ,judged and sentenced for long imprisonment,whereas the criminals in government are free. PS sorry ,my english is not fluent ,i m french speaking