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Cassie Tetro
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Just FYI: Enoteca Antica (near the Spanish Steps) writes in big bold letters at the bottom of the bill "Service is NOT Included." Then again at the register there is a tip jar with a sign saying the same thing. Lastly, when our credit card was run, our server asked, "would you like to add tip?" You know, the food was actually quite good (and so was our service)! But in the end, I was a little bit regretful for going into a place that was so blatantly trying to fool tourists into leaving extra. Taverna dei Quaranta was very good. So was Trattoria di Gino - once you find it! Although, when my companion ordered the lasagna, the server flat out said "No, pasta with (I can't remember)." We still don't know if he was out of the lasagna or if he thought the pasta dish was better. My friend was disappointed in her pasta because she was in the mood for a red sauce and the replacement dish was a bland white sauced pasta. In all though - Amanda's recommendations were right on!
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Jun 29, 2012