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On social media, customer service is definitely still king. I recently noticed a customer service specific twitter handle for a software vendor I've been considering and must admit, it put a another check in their 'pro' column for me.
The simplest ideas are often the most significant. Great point that: 'if you don't have a better message for a segment than your generic baseline, then the effort on segmentation is wasted' A worthy statement marketers should consider tacking to the cube wall.
Here Here on the increasing needs for technology influence within the marketing organization. The lay of the land is shifting dramatically and technology will significantly impact the outcome. Some folks are going to be fighting with spears and others with smart bombs. Now, with that said, I'm curious on your outlook for what that technology picture should look like. I work with Alterian and Loopfuse - two companies that come at the same problem from extremely different angles. Maybe swaying away from vendor specifics, are there at least certain areas you see as opportunity rich? - Tewks
Ardath, I think you really hit on the key value prop when identifying the problem with traditional 30-day trials: "No more trying to prove value and ROI during a paltry 30-day trial. Marketers can actually create a nurturing program for a target audience and run it across the entirety of the complex buying process—tweaking and refining as they go to build the business case for expanding the program." The face of marketing is changing. Approaches that were successful 24 or ever 12 months ago (a.k.a. source a list and blast email) are rapidly declining as awareness and acquisition tools. In our digital begot social world I see an integrated, cross-channel approach being key to being successful. Marketers need to learn how to manage a consistent conversation with a prospect across the big 6 of web, email, search, display, content syndication, and social engagement. This is why I'm so high on the Loopfuse Free offering. Their tool enables marketers to begin experimenting with what the emerging face of marketing looks like without eating into their working budgets (for media, events, content, etc.). Great piece Ardath, first time I've comes across your work, but will be sure to start following you! - Tewks TheMarketingMojo
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Jul 8, 2010