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That Obama vs. McCain graph scares the hell out of me quite frankly. I would threaten to move to Canada or the UK, but I'd be jumping from the frying pan to the fire. What's the tax rate in the UK now for the upper middle-class??
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"I think if enough Americans read this, Clinton would get a serious boost." We've heard all of this thousands of times. The people affected by this are already on Clinton's or Obama's side. "You can't please everyone, America. Just be yourself." We support independence for Kosovo and the Albanians love us and the Serbs hate us. We really can't please everyone. This is why I have a hard time paying attention to whether people like us or not. "Evil bastards, going on about torture. How dare they" We poured water down the throats of three mass murderers. It really is time to get over it. We are sorry that Big Ben is still standing. Perhaps you guys would like for us to step aside and try asking pretty please for information on impending attacks. and watch Big Ben fall .. hmmm.. a little dramatic, but you never know ;)
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