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Thanks Chris, The continuing education I've received concerning emotional intelligence has changed my life. I am extremely tolerant, patient & never angered easily, but was extremely critical. I was (am) very kind & sweet, yet I spoke my mind openly. Viktor Frankl says between stimulus & response is choice. Thanks to TEAM, I had to spend alot time suspended in that middle ground. Soon my filter became automatic. Slight edge application maybe, but I regret not knowing this when I raised my kids. I see my old self in them from time to time & it grieves me. I can't turn back time, but I can pay it forward. I appreciate knowing we have the greatest mentors on the planet who constantly & continually help us mature in the 8F's. L.I.F.E. g
Chris, I would like to nominate my BFF/ biz partner,Glenda,as being a true Rascal. It is said numerous times that we haven't met our best friend until we get in this profession. I can concur with that. 2 yrs. ago one of my partners, Karen, boldly contacted her college billing & coding instructor. When we introduced her to our business opportunity, we knew immediately she had to join us. As a single mom, her dream was to develop a ministry for other single parents & their kids. Well...she enrolled & her journey began. She had recently built a house and upon moving in her overtime was completely cut out. The day she left to attend her very first Major, she received notice that her house was being foreclosed. She came anyway. Over the past 2 yrs. I can't begin to tell you the struggles, Obstacles, & distractions that have presented themselves to her. I will not get into details as that is her story! She remained on system, attended seminars, Open meetings & Majors. She even stopped teaching at the local community college in order to fully focus on her business. She has risen to the occasion of a true leader and had began mentoring people on her team. She is helping her daughter raise 3 grandchildren. Because of the system, she testifies she has developed a greater relationship with her family. Her J.O.B. would drive me to poison people (Kidding...a little!) & she attributes her "sanity" to the system and our TEAM culture. When she shares her "story" with people they are in disbelief of how she has maintained her posture & faith. I applaud her strength, perseverance & determination to push through regardless of the circumstances. She was able to discuss a little of this with Terri at this past Major during the Grown Up Girlfriends breakfast. Leaders are born in adversity and she has earned the title of a RASCAL! I will introduce her to you Monday! Thank you for letting me share her courage, faith, & tenacity with others. Most of all.....I know what you have done for all of us and I appreciate you greatly. Blessings, g
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Sep 30, 2010