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Tex Lovera
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Can't anybody produce/direct/write for TV anymore? What idiots.
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"I've got a gut feeling" that playing with these toys may lead to a "Swelling Itching Brain" due to "Too Much Paranoia".
Toggle Commented May 31, 2009 on Toy Flashback: Devo at Toy Whimsy
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This is what you'll get when unions run everything. America, your future is California. God help us all.
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(I've left similar comments at a few other blogs - apologies for any cross-posting) Folks, this is unfortunately typical of our local government. Toledo is a Democrat/union town. Carty is a blowhard self-styled "cheerleader". As he bullies those who don't share his "vision" out of Toledo, it becomes even more of an echo chamber. Remember, this is the guy who wnated to move deaf people out near the airport. This is the guy who wanted to put "ToledOH!" up on billboards across the City (Homer Simpson, anyone?). His "arts" initiative was to have local artisits paint scenes that were put up in the windows of VACANT BUILDINGS downtown, so they didn't look so "vacant". I wonder what people he thought there were left downtown to be "scared" by the Marines?? The laughable part of this is that a few years ago, the City and County were begging the Feds not to move the Ohio Air National Guard base out of Toledo Express Airport! Pray for us....
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