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I think you're just a little confused. Tort reforms never said that HEALTH INSURANCE premiums would drop as a result of health care liability reform. What we did say was that LIABILITY INSURANCE premiums for physicians and hospitals needed to drop and that liablity reform would do that. It did. Since our 2003 liability reforms in Texas, All carriers have cut their rates by more than 30%. Some have reduced their charged premium by more than half. The citizens of Texas -- especially the sickest and most badly injured patients -- have benefitted tremendously from the increased access to high quality medical care in the state. For more healthy benefits of Texas liability reform, please see
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Thanks for taking part, Dr. Murray. It WAS lonely. But I heard later from others who were lurking, and feedback was generally positive. I agree we need to learn from this experiment. What would you do differently next time?
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Figures don't lie, but liars can sure have their fun with figures. Any time you see something that says "always" or "never," it's time to look closer. Of course Texas is suffering from a physician shortage. It is caused by many things, most significantly our booming population. No, our 2003 liability reforms didn't solve that problem. No one ever said that tort reform was the "only" solution. But it is definitely a significant one. Think how much worse off we would be. Here are some facts (source: The Texas Medical Board (TMB) finished the fiscal year having received a record 4,128 new physician applications. Last year’s total of 4,094 was the previous record. This marks the fifth successive year that new physician applications have exceeded 4,000 and continues to dwarf the prereform numbers (pre-2003). TMB licensed 3,523 new doctors this year; that’s 12 percent more than last year and just 98 short of the state’s all-time record of 3,621.
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Oct 19, 2010