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Publisher of Bike Hugger, Principal of Textura Design, Partner Mellow Clutter
Interests: music, art, blogging, cycling
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Apr 29, 2013
Do you think they pros are still shooting and the images are sitting on a server somewhere not getting licensed?
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2012 on Great Job, You're Fired! at Mostly True
A bicycle attached to a bridge is seen in the foreground as two skaters pass over the frozen Keizersgracht canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tuesday Feb. 7, 2012. Volunteers poured onto frozen rivers and lakes in the northern Netherlands on Tuesday... Continue reading
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via CicLAvia, the popular Los Angeles cycling event, took its first spin in Watts on Sunday. Continue reading
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The Yamaha 'Pas With' , an electrical power-assisted bicycle which can easily fold into compact dimensions, is seen on display at the 42nd Tokyo Motor show in Tokyo on November 30, 2011. Energy-saving electric cars with advanced green technology were... Continue reading
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via Newly-weds Eveline Constance Heijkamp (L) and Gijs Peskens, Occupy Amsterdam demonstrators, ride away to their honeymoon on a bakfiets near Beursplein in Amsterdam. Continue reading
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Noticed the same thing.
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via Don't know if the cops marched up on the balloon vendor or he popped out in front of them, but that's a striking photo of #occupy. Continue reading
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via Occupy Wall Street demonstrator Brennan Cavanaugh retrieves bicycle generators that were taken from Zuccotti Park, from a New York City Sanitation Department depot in Manhattan November 16, 2011. Continue reading
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via Nice! Wonder how long it took to get that shot. Continue reading
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via The Memphis race is in its 25th year and is the oldest continuously run cyclocross race in the US. Continue reading
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Diana Tansey was a copywriter that quit her job, sold everything, bought a bicycle, and started a travel writer's blog based on her “Indiana June” alter ego. Then she created a "pick-a-path" narrative for herself and her followers and travels... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2011 at Bike Hugger Links
via Another @iamspecialized photo op with Team Lotus driver Jarno Trulli of Italy at Formula One's Indian Grand Prix. Continue reading
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via Tattoo + bike + typography. An @ for a hub and a tidle for a seat. Could've made pedals with carats. Continue reading
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Chairman Ting - Bicycle wall art from Chairman Ting on Vimeo. via Yes, your bike in your apartment with matching art -- do that now before you settle down with someone. Continue reading
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via Pee Wee rode onto stage to accept a Visionary Award at the 2011 Scream Awards in Los Angeles. We've seen him reprise his Big Adventure role and cruiser bike before, but here it's on a water bike. Continue reading
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via This time it's Felipe Massa on a Ferrari MTB. Continue reading
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via This sculpture made from parts of a bicycle by Naser Hooshmand Vaziri in Lavasan, northern Tehran, is creepy! Man if I saw this before the barriers at a Halloween Cross race, would think I may not cross them... Continue reading
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via Crashing is expected in Cross. Racers are taking big risks, with road bikes in treacherous conditions, and pushing the limits of their gear and selves. Road also has an expected amount of crashing with high-speeds and big fields.... Continue reading
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