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Lehigh Valley, PA
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That baby appears to have a striking resemblance to Big PIece. Just sayin.
Nice rebuttal, Kyle. Can't wait to hear if he responds.
Sounds like I better go get myself a few cases of Lager. The next 7 months are gonna be a blur.
The Nationals were a "better fit" because they were dumb enough to pay him.
Baseball is an old man's game. They don't need blinding speed or big bats, they just need to get hits, draw walks, get on base and stay healthy. For the umpteenth time, this rotation is too good for us not to make the playoffs.
Gotta go get a frame for that cover...
Howard Eskin sucks dick. There, had to balance the universe from my last post.
I'm throwing up in my mouth as I type this, but I have to agree Howie wins this battle. Albiet, this victory comes against a women's basketball coach...
More evidence as to why the NBA sucks and is losing popularity.
There will always be dickheads, like Carlton, who don't understand when someone is trying to provide a good service and bring everyone together to have a good time. Anyway, wish I could make it to the tailgate this weekend, but I can't. Can't wait for the updates though. I'm sure there will be plenty of debauchery.
As much as I want to hate Brian Wilson... I just can't.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2011 on Chase Utley ESPN Commercial at Crossing Broad
Oswalt is nearing Aaron Rowland status with that kind of toughness. Here's my theory: this kind of crazy injury related shit rarely happens (i.e. Oswalt and Victorino colliding with Ibanez on Monday). So, let's allow the law of averages take its turn, and hope we get out of training camp unscathed. Hopefully the regular season will be much more normal.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2011 on Oswalt's Got Some Massive Cojones at Crossing Broad
I can't wait until the baseball season when there is actually news to report.
Apparently he has the vaunted Mets' work ethic that we all hear so much about.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2011 on Luis is Late at Crossing Broad
Something to do with whales. And beaches. I'm just not clever enough to figure out how to form those concepts into a hilarious sentence.
Finally, a voice of reason. I share the same sentiment. Nice article.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2011 on Cutting to the Chase at Crossing Broad
Maybe this has been addressed in a previous thread, but what happened to the icons that preceded each comment? Is it just me that isn't seeing them in my browser? Without them it's much harder to visually separate each comment. And fuck Brian Cashman.
^ What? Balls, you are freaking weird.
OH MY GOD THIS JUST IN... Reports are that Ruben sprained his thumb opening a bottle of Perrier at lunch this afternoon. How will he ever sign Michael Young? We're FUCKED!
97 wins in 2010 with one of the most injury plagued squads in all of MLB. Stop panicking.
I think the sentiment in the comments section is much more reserved and reasonable than these recent Phillies "doomsday" post. Yes, there are injuries to worry about, but as I've commented on before, this team won 97 games without Chase for many, many games last season. How many did he play in? Around 100 or something? That's roughly 60 or so games without him. Would it be better to have him healthy for the entire season? Of course, he's arguably the best all-around 2B in baseball. But we're not "screwed". We'll find the players to fill the gaps. WE DON'T NEED TO BUY (or trade for) EXPENSIVE REPLACEMENTS! Don't forget, with the pitching we have, this team is only going to need to average about 4-5 runs per game to win the vast majority, and with the offense that is still in the lineup, that won't be terribly difficult to accomplish. At this point, I wouldn't even advocate trading Blanton for an offensive player. Screw it. Let's get into the season and see what we have. I think we're still in the best position out of all NL East teams, by a considerable margin. Stop with the negative preseason stuff! If we wind up 8-12 twenty games into the season, then I'll begin to worry. But for right now, I'm still pretty confident about the outlook.
DJ Pauly's hair looks like it was shaped using a fucking Jello mold. God I hate those d-bags.
Proof that Dykstra was at one time at least somewhat coherent. Somewhat.
Did anyone else catch the emergency broadcast system going off in the background of that interview? Seems a bit too ironic, doesn't it?
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2011 on Video: Chase Utley Knee Parody at Crossing Broad