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Tony Gallegos - The Mortgage Cicerone
Managing Director - Mortgage U
Cicerone - cic•e•ro•ni (-nē) - A guide or person eloquent in sharing knowledge and inspiring impactful action
Interests: friends, my family, reading, teaching, college football, theology, process improvement and interesting people.
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Mar 15, 2010
For those of you unable to attend or listen, attached is the 12/1/2009 video webinar hosted by NAMB addressing three main areas of regulation and updates that mortgage brokers must be aware of and be prepared for 2010. The purpose... Continue reading
In this week’s Radio show, David Lykken, Alice Alvey, Joe Farr and Tony Gallegos provide inside up-to-the-minute information on interest rates, loan programs and "hot" industry news related to the mortgage industry specifically addressing the following topics: MBS and Market... Continue reading
As a mortgage banking consultant and advisory services professional, it is necessary to provide clients a total comprehensive solution that synthesizes the issues and needs of the entire organization. Therefore, I receive numerous questions related to social media and its... Continue reading
What Originators Need to Know about RESPA, FHA Broker Approval and Appraisal Reform Tuesday, December 1,2009 2:00 pm EST NAMB WEBINAR TOPICS: RESPA/GFE Reform Effective January 1, 2010, HUD is requiring loan originators provide borrowers with a Standard Good Faith... Continue reading
It's no great secret, the mortgage industry is experiencing severe change and consumers are looking anywhere they can seeking direction and help. For that reason, the industries TOP mortgage professionals have volunteered their time, effort and money to sponsor an... Continue reading
In this weeks Radio show, Alice Alvey, Joe Farr and Tony Gallegos provide inside up-to-the-minute information on interest rates, loan programs and "hot" industry news related to the mortgage industry specifically addressing the following topics: MBS and Market update Inflationary... Continue reading
On this weekly Radio show, mortgage industry veterans, David Lykken, along with frequent guests, Alice Alvey, Joe Farr and Scott Sanderson provide up-to-the-minute information on interest rates, loan programs and "hot" industry news related to the mortgage industry. Shortly I... Continue reading
Temporary Guidance for Condominium Policy MORTGAGEE LETTER 2009-46 A November 6, 2009 In Mortgagee Letter 2009-46 B, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced the permanent baseline guidance for condominium project eligibility. This Mortgagee Letter (ML) waives five provisions of that... Continue reading
"If you go online and look at 200 web pages in one day - which is a simple task when you think of email, blogs, YouTube, news sites, etc - you'll see about 490,000 words; War & Peace was only... Continue reading
On Thursday, October 1, 2009, Radio Mortgage host Brian Brady, interviewed me (Tony Gallegos) about the general state of FHA and VA lending. Below are a few topics we discussed: FHA and VA lending volume surging Lack of FHA/VA expertise... Continue reading
The government’s First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit program expires November 30, 2009 — a scant 60 days from today. In this video, Chris Brown provides critical milestone dates originators, Realtors and homebuyers must be aware of if they plan on... Continue reading
David Olson of Wholesale Access made an alarming prediction that by year-end 2009, there will be only 15,000 mortgage brokerage firms nationwide in existence. Furthermore, if this prediction comes to fruition, it would translate to a stunning 72% decline from... Continue reading
VA loan volume is surging and up by over 300% in several large markets. In this video, I will share facts, issues, case study examples, statistics and the VA perspective surrounding the the concerns discussed Continue reading
Over the last week, I have been bombarded with questions and concerns regarding the recent announcement by the FHA delegating authority to approved direct endorsement (DE) lenders to approve mortgage brokers to originate FHA loans. To answer these questions, I... Continue reading
Received additional information today directly from FHA Commissioner David Stevens about his speech last Friday concerning the FHA Reserve Fund. Actually, I should say the FHA Reserve FUND(S) (as in plural). The big FHA news last week was the the... Continue reading
This week, FHA Commissioner Dave Stevens affirmed the agency insurer will see its 2% reserve requirement fall below the minimum level set by Congress. To address this issue, Mr. Stevens stated the FHA will tighten its current credit guidelines to... Continue reading
Date & Time: September 16, 2009 - 12:00 - 2:00 pm EST In this LIVE broadcast, VA officials, experts and industry guests (including my mentor Dennis Geist) will discuss: Changes in Availability of various Mortgage Products Changes in Underwriting /... Continue reading
The occurrence of FHA loans receiving an FHA TOTAL Scorecard approval and subsequently having the loan denied once it hits the underwriter’s desk is happening more and more. It’s a reality the field must acknowledge and from what I have... Continue reading
While FHA market share exploded from 3.5% in 2005 to 37% at the end of 2nd quarter 2009 nationwide, there are still bastions of resistance against using FHA financing in the Realtor, builder and lender community. Those currently in the... Continue reading
I do NOT profess to being a social media expert, however I am a social media believer! Consequently, through great effort and pain, my friend Mark Green at Top of Mind has re-awakened me to the force of social media... Continue reading
Why Reality Television Is So Popular! According to media experts, Reality TV now dominates more than 30% of prime time television. Everywhere you turn, there's another series taking you into the lives of celebrities and common folk alike. I personally... Continue reading
This is a great video about motivation and the need to continue onward in the face of adversity! In a nutshell: Success in life = Risk. Continue reading
OK, we got it, HVCC sucks! Guess what, it is here to stay for a awhile. You may not like it, but it's a reality. Don't be like every other originator and Realtor blogging and spouting off about the EVILS... Continue reading
Go ahead and admit, you have either said or heard something similar to this comment: "That borrower / referral partner was so dumb." If you are guilty of saying or thinking something similar, my question is: What does that say... Continue reading