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Actually, Tim, I'd argue that the real test is how CN will be used when *little* news is happening. NP.coms have never had trouble drawing audience for huge news; it's the day-to-day that's troublesome (average user coming back only two or three times per month, for example), and it's convincing people that the sites aren't just a) a regurgitation of the print edition, and b) showcasing all the sheer breadth of content. A network of linked niche blogs is a potentially clever way of addressing those problems. I may not *care* about my local city council until one of its members violates the canard about live men or dead women ... but I'll read a blog about my favorite passion / community of interest every single day. Kudos to @Bill80 and @CeeDeeBee (and Byrne & the rest of the team)for their work here.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2009 on The Future is ChicagoNow at Recovering Journalist