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San Francisco
The Future of Publishing
Interests: The Future of Publishing in all of its myriad forms.
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“It’s not that everyone with a laptop thinks they can write a book. The problem is that everyone with a laptop does write a book.” – Robert Fisk, The Independent Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2010 at Thad McIlroy's blog
I think you make some excellent points here, but I take exception with #1, "You will own an electronic reader." You clearly mean a device dedicated to reading, separate from other functionality, and that's where I disagree. I run a web site devoted exclusively to the future of publishing in all its forms, and have been studying this question for several years now. In my section, The Laws of the Future of Publishing ( law #19 reads: "There is a limit to the number of separate digital devices people want to carry. That limit is one." We can see that the cellphone is morphing into a small computer (the iPhone), while the small computers, netbooks, are reaching price points and sizes similar to iPhones. The president of Acer, the largest manufacturer of netbooks admitted in a recent interview that they are doing the research to enable this convergence. As display technology improves, there will simply be no reason to have a dedicated eReader.
Mine is "I've Seen it All" from Lars von Trier's singularly unsuccessful musical "Dancer in the Dark." The lyrics are stupendous and the filming extraordinary, as can be seen on YouTube (
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