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Hi Lynn: Thanks for your thoughtful response. I am at work developing a standard test that would be usable across products. I was surprised to find (perhaps I should not have been surprised) a book on this topic, "Automated Grammatical Error Detection for Language Learners, Second Edition" ( It's dense, though fascinating. I'll let you know when I publish my results. Best, Thad
With heavy advertising, Grammarly is becoming the best-known grammar checking software. You say you tested it against Word, but don't say which version. The latest Office 365 has a substantial revision to Word's grammar features: And what about Grammarly's many competitors, more than 20 of them. Do you know that Grammarly is truly the best? Thanks for looking into this.
Hi, It's May 15 and I still can't get your book except from Amazon...the preview doesn't work either...
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Great stuff Mark. You continue to be so generous with authors, indeed with everyone in the industry, by sharing your strong insights. Pricing has gone from being an automatic multiple of manufacturing costs to the most important strategic decision every author and publisher must make.
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