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I would definitely hold onto them, hmmm, maybe for a grandchild one day??!!
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Oh my gosh, what fun! And, it reminds me of a show that I adore, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries from Australia. It is set in 1928. You should save your costumes and do a Phrynie Fisher party. You can see it on Netflix ($7 a month version). Worth every penny! It is becoming my friends' newest obsession (has been mine for over a year). So, for your next party, just an idea! This one, fabulous!! Love it!
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I soooo agree on the curbside recycle. I live in Yorktown, Virginia, and EVERYTHING great seems to end up in the trash. When I take a load to the dump, I see great things peeping from the dumpsters. Don't tell, but I actually traded my trash for a great piece one time (I will deny this in court). It is ridiculous to fill land, or the ocean, with great vintage stuff. I want to upcycle, people listen!!
Just wondering where the estate auction was? I live close to this area, but I have yet to find a company who does estate auctions in the country. Do you mind sharing the name of the auction company? Thanks!! P.S. I LOVED your Halloween mask, but it had already sold :(!
Wow, I love their clothes! I am looking for some Katherine Hepburn style pants; maybe, they will do those one day! Would love to own one of their aprons!
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2011 on Shabby Apple Apron Giveaway at Apron Thrift Girl
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I love your blog! I have been faithfully reading it, but somewhere along the way, I missed where your antique booth is located?? We are in Tidewater, Va, headed your way in the near future and would love to visit your space.
I am sooooo jealous of the Spring Clean Out; we have nothing like that in Tidewater, Virginia! As for the one that got away, I bought one of those (similar) at a yard sale. It is so heavy that I almost need a chiropractor! Be happy! Love your blog and your ideas!
Jessica, Thanks for sharing two antiquing best-buds came from Japan and Okinawa two years ago to live in the U.S. with their husbands, AND one of them is having family over in June. Sooooo...your post was perfect for a little request that will fit easily in the suitcase! Tina-Marie
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Oct 1, 2010