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Interviews are helpful for both sides as it provides opportunities to discuss position details, location requests, skill set, technical requirements and team environment, etc. so that both sides can determine if it’s the right fit. Than Nguyen
I agree, the best gifts involve items that the recipient will actually get some use out of and are personal. You don't have to spend a lot of money; just show you actually took the time to think about what the recipient would value. For example if you have clients from Texas, then I would suggest putting together a Texas gift basket full of Texas themed gifts. I did that for some clients and they absolutely loved it! You can get Texas themed ideas from a company called Texas Treats:
Everyday you read about well known companies having security breaches (Epsilon, Best Buy, Sony, etc). I don't feel that companies do enough to protect my personal info so I will think twice before providing businesses with any personal info. Everyone needs to be smart about protecting their personal data. I use this free service to send and receive encrypted emails at this secure web site: It ensures my messages are stored and transmitted securely, and that only I and my recipients have the capability to decrypt your message data.
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Jun 15, 2011