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Thanos Antoniou
Stockholm, Sweden
Skeptical mind living a routine life
Interests: Photography, book reading, finance and business and of course writing
Recent Activity
Humanity’s most hated invention rings with an unearthly monotone sound. *cue Harry Potter theme song* The first notes enter my eardrum and I already imagine a voodoo doll with Rowlling’s name on it. JK of course. The alarm clock continues to buzz and flash and scream in a hopeless attempt... Continue reading
An apology letter to my neighbors Dear neighbors Tommy and Karen, I know that our relationship is going through a lot lately. It’s me, though, and not you. Tommy, you made it clear from our talk the other day on the corridor. Your perfume was befuddling me and I could... Continue reading
From my original answer to the Quora Question: How different would “Harry Potter” and “A Song of Ice and Fire” be if they were written by George R.R. Martin and J.K. Rowling respectively? A Song of Ice and Fire by J.K. Rowling? How about the Jon Snow Heptalogy? Jon Snow... Continue reading
From my answer to the Quora Question: What’s a funny, but useful, superpower you’d like to have? I have two words for you: Self-illuminating Hair. *whips his long shiny hair on the air* I am not talking about dull colourless hair that act like a pathetic halogen lamp. This is... Continue reading
From my answer to the Quora Question: If 2 hens lay 2 eggs in a day, how many eggs did 10 hens lay in 10 days? Dear ol’ Mc Donald, How dare you to assume my clients - the 10 hens - will be equally efficient every day, you capitalist... Continue reading
From my answer to the Quora question: If you could have a 10-inch anything, what would it be? I have been in love with manatees since I can remember myself. This fully aquatic mass of awesomeness is the cutest and squishiest animal of the seven seas that can turn my... Continue reading
From my answer to the Quora Question: You're a burglar but instead of stealing, you only do small things that will mildly inconvenience your targets. What do you do? Stealthiness, Inconvenience and Creativity: The three main pillars of the Inconvenience Burglar Honor code. As an Inconvenience Burglar with respect in... Continue reading
From my reply to the Quora question: There are 99 eggs in a box. Jane has 67 eggs in a bag. Ash takes 32 eggs out of the box. How many eggs are left in the bag? Okay, time to crack some eggs then. I am egg-static. *plays Egg man... Continue reading
It is fair game if you judge someone who has an extremely negative trait. Imagine a person who is either a narcissist or a kleptomaniac or some kind of negativity black hole or even a vegan. I would also ostracize this kind of people and I would try to minimize... Continue reading
From a quora question I replied a few days ago: Imagine the following scenario: A man buys a toy for $4. He sells the toy for $6. He then buys the toy back for $8, and he sells the toy again for $10. In the end, how much money did... Continue reading
A bunch of people mistaken me for a 16-year old teenage girl a while ago. I will not leave it in your imagination and I will spill the beans: I was also 16-years old at that time and it was happening only when I was talking on the phone (I... Continue reading
If you could relive an important moment of your life would you do anything differently? Well if you are also human then you probably nodded your head on that question. I get that. That is actually pretty understanble. We want our special moments to be sprinkled with some extra magic... Continue reading
Peek behind your shoulder. Do it religiously often. You never know when the next mishap is going to occur, And if you can, never take your eyes from the main road. Peek behind your shoulder. Eyes on the road. Continue reading
The most spectacularly useless superhero should be…*drumroll*… Manatee-Man. Yes, yes. The man who absorbed the untamed fierceness of a manatee. Half manatee - half man. His superpower? Being fully aquatic, extremely fat, slow and dressed in graphite grey. Cuteness does not count as superpower. Imagine the Manatee-Man theme song: “Manatee-Man,... Continue reading
I was once walking with one of my friends through a poorly lit but very central avenue. We were heading for some drinks and we have just had finished with some predrinking in my friend’s place. We were laughing out loud and not paying any attention to our surroundings. We... Continue reading
Fro 4 years now, I have been a sole-English speaker. My progression with the Swedish language resembles the 5 stages of grief. First came denial. That I did not need this language in my life. I can invest my time in far better ways. I DO NOT NEED IT! The... Continue reading
I have never felt great hunger to live something new, impressive and memory-worthy more than I feel it during the past couple of packed months. It is commentable though, that I have had limited need for experience exploration during the easy days. The ones that you can just return home... Continue reading
I have an embarrassing army story. Back in my military service days, my superiors sent me on a 2-week combat training in a base in the middle of nowhere. The closest town was 1 hour away. When I arrived in the host base I started unpacking my stuff from my... Continue reading
How people usually perceive me: Unsophisticated: I rarely toot my own horn and I do not brag about my passions and my previous experiences. I do not have strong feelings about art and I will never insult anyone about their hobbies or their belief system (**vegans excluded). My non-confrontational nature... Continue reading
Reflecting back on all the mistakes you have done, which ones could you have avoided and which ones would you do again? Mistakes have a pedagogical dimension that we should not forget about. Continue reading
When you look back to workload and activity intensive periods what are the variable that you would change to smoothen the overall outcome? There are usually multiple ways of approaching a situation, but we remain fixated towards one. It requires proper investigation in order to fully grasp the best practice... Continue reading
When you look in the mirror, are you aiming for confirming that you look better than what you feel like or worst? It is just a matter of how often you do that. Continue reading
Right of passage for insane requests: Granted. Excellent. Give me a second before I indulge in this one. *shouts like a maniac towards living room* “Alexa play Eye of the Tiger” *epic intro starts in the background* Ahhh. Much better. So… Luxuries that I need in my life. I have... Continue reading
“All that is required to feel that here and now is happiness is a simple, frugal heart.” (Kazantzakis, Zorbas the Greek) Those words touch my heart every time I read them. Not because they display a grande master plan of how a person can attain happiness, but because of exactly... Continue reading
I am a genuinely impatient person with very limited tolerance in queuing time in bars, restaurants and services. However, I am going bananas when I meet the Johns and Janes who are even more impatient than me in packed coffeeplaces/bars and try to take the table I was sitting before... Continue reading