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Wow, Alice. "I will always love you, even when I die." What a spooky and touching refrain. I want to be loved that much, loved into immortality. It brought tears to my eyes, like what Didion's daughter and husband would say to each other: "I love you more than one more day."
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2007 on Pondering the imponderable. at finslippy
Ooo... Wong Kar Wai. I'm in the mood for love. And sleeping late, and wishing on stars. Sounds like the last days of summer have good things in store. Great to meet you on Friday; enjoy your holiday!
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2007 on See you in September! at Lux Lotus
Sounds like you were all set to grow up and become Fallon Carrington-Colby, while I was anticipating crockpot expertise and adult soccer league.
So glad I'm not the only one who hides from the sun. While visiting Croatia, we asked for the highest SPF sunscreen they had at the kiosk. The woman looked at us with that "are you SURE you don't want to look as toasty brown as we do?" look and handed us a bottle of SPF 12. TWELVE. I didn't know they even made it in numbers indivisible by 5. But have fun under your hat in Montauk! We'll be hiding indoors. With sunscreen on. Just in case.
Oh I hope it goes away. When I was a younger, a possum got itself stuck in our basement window. It died there, and we discovered it from the smell. I loved growing up with trees and grass and a hammock and a creek and deer running through our yard, but I will never, ever forget that dead possum smell.
In no particular order: Drinks with friends. Laundry. Reading. Calling to postpone Jury Duty. Oh my goodness this list is boring. Making final adjustments to my time machine in my secret lair in the unused subway tunnels of New York City. Infiltrating a spy ring. Flying to Tokyo for Sunday brunch.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2007 on What? No. NO. at finslippy