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As the tried & true saying goes: "You get what you pay for". That being said there are some for whom the up front acquisition cost is the overriding factor and if that's the case then Hyper-V may be the solution they need to go with.
An update on the CLARiiON plugin from EMC's EverythingVMware forum: ====================== The plug-in for Clariion is not GA yet and hence its not available on Powerlink. It will be coming out soon, probably sometimes this quarter. Best Regards Ashok Bhojwani Sr. vSpecialist | VMware Technical Alliance ======================
Chad, FYI: Justin Lauer was Memphis VMUG leader.
Chad, Any estimate as to when we will see a Vblock 0 reference architecture? I have a UCS getting installed next week and just ordered a NS-480 to replace my CX4-120 so I am interested in both the Vblock 0 & 1 architectures. Thanks, Rod
Chad, First, thanks for another in a long line of great posts. As this post was written about 10 months ago I thought I would see if anything has changed you opinions on TP, in particular Thin on Thin. I am currently running a VI 3.5 environment using a CX4-120 w/o TP. I am about to move to vSphere and am also looking at possibly replacing the CX4-120 with a NS-480. I am looking at the possibility of using TP and probably leaning towards trying Thin on Thin. Along with this, on the NS-480 I am looking at using FAST for tiering with about 1/3 SATA, 2/3 FC and a small amount of SSD. Does the introduction of tiering with FAST change have any impact on the use of TP? Thanks, Rod
Steve, Great article. In my situation the cost for the VMware licenses is minimal compared to the overall cost of my infrstructure and the value I get from VMware. My virtual infrastructure is at the core of our environment and for that I want the best product. It's not a place I want to save a few dollars in exchange for reliability and features.
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Jan 8, 2010