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Greg, Thanks for your post. I found out about it through my friend Jessica Winderweedle (aka-Weedle). I like your sense of humor woven throughout as well as how thoughtful the post as a whole reads. Thanks. Though, I do disagree with you being an evangelical pastor-scholar myself, though, not a fundamentalist nor fundangelical. I also agree with your comment to Zach O. about the Church doing something about the lack of general knowledge concerning the Bible, theology, Church history, and perhaps hermeneutics. I think it is unfortunate that there is such a gaping divide between the academy and the local church. I am just one man, but I do hope to do what I can to bring the academic realm of Christianity and the local church educational realms together a bit (at least, in my local church). Again, no doubt we disagree about some issues as my friend and Starbucks manager from many years ago also disagree about some things, but we are not enemies of one another and are still able to graciously converse with one another (something I find sorely lacking in the broader spectrum of evangelicalism & fundamentalism & pretty much the whole of Reformed Christianity today). Thanks again. blessings, Matt is now following The Typepad Team
May 12, 2012