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Roz, I always admire those who take on care for the elders. And you seem to have such a rich experience in it. The advice you gave is invaluable. You're right that they are seemingly obvious, but sometimes people can be shortsighted when they're in a stressful situation and it helps to give them reminders and perspective. (I find that the one about taking care of yourself is sadly the most neglected.) Elderly care is both a challenge and a joy. My first assignment back at the hospital was at a stepdown ICU of sorts, where we had all sorts of long-term elderly patients, mostly post-stroke with some sort of difficulty with motor functioning. We the nurses would teach the family or caregivers how to assist their loved one with the more complicated procedures until they could do it all by themselves. (Ultimately, though, we learned plenty from them as well.) And I've always felt that we in the health care field (in my country, at least) didn't prepare them well enough. No matter how hard we stuck to the SOPs, it always felt that there was more we could have said or done even after they were discharged. My kudos, however, to the good majority who did it wonderfully anyway. Keep up the great work, Roz. Phyl sounds like a sweetheart! is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 30, 2014