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"...and what looks like kinda cloth-napkin maps of Tokyo's difficult to understand for foreigners subway and trains sytem." XD 6:11 I haven't seen one of those in forever! Haha! It's nice to see it again. ...I still don't know what it is. Haha. It's hilarious and awesome.
lol, little bat drawing. Cute little guy. That's so random. That's the kind of stuff I draw when I don't know what to draw yet.
That blue robot is so cute! Hooray for robots!
Reminds me of the younger times when we played with dart guns and swords made out of random house materials. And's the same thing. lol
Wow. This is brilliant. - I did not hear any swears. (something that has been irking me as of gaming or anime shows or podcasts as of late) - It seems very humble. The way the two of you act allows me to connect well with what's going on. It's friendly. It's inviting. Thank you for a wonderful episode. is now following The Typepad Team
Nov 17, 2010