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I agree with this article, count my vote for man-made disaster. I've been employing the DutchSinse method of watching radar feeds to see what kind of weird experiments are going on. Not by total coincidence and only 2-3 days ahead of the Calgary event I watched a massive 'pulse ring' erupt on the live radar screen, originating west of the Rocky Mountains but extending east well into central Alberta. I say not a total coincidence because I live on the Westcoast and so I watch our little area of the continent more often than other areas. This is also not the first time I have seen 'ring' signatures from this particular area, in fact I've got screenshots going back almost a year or longer (I've been following Intellicast since mid 2011). I have not uploaded the screenshots I took as yet to my blog because I've been curious to see if anyone else would report on this story in the same vein. After reading this article I'm thinking I should probably put them up on the web sooner rather than later for others to comment on. is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 3, 2013