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please also can you indicate availability by amazon in the uk? Just checked and currently only available to pre-order, hopefully that means imminent.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2015 on What It Takes to be Fast After 50 at Joe Friel
Looks like I'm going to need a dedicated shelf for your books! Does this book cover recovery times - specific to over 50s? You talk about focussing on quality/more intense sessions yet several over 50s that I've seen, who are very fit AG triathletes, need two clear days before another hard session. That's only 3 hard sessions at most a week, 1 per sport. Is that then an improvement or maintenance strategy?
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2015 on What It Takes to be Fast After 50 at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, hmm, interesting. 1. Would not the existing efficiency of the technique of the STUDY SUBJECTS make a difference? I imagine if many 'normal' people switched the bulk of their running to Z1 running then they would revert to shuffling along with poor technique. 2. Also surely the overall workload is important as a 4x a week athlete will probably have sufficient recovery in the schedule by default. 3. "A group of 10k runners"...most of those would be a self selecting group of relatively good athletes methinks.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2014 on Hard-Easy Training at Joe Friel
Joe, I've been memorising The Triathle's Training Bible by heart ! Thank you. Can't wait for the next edition (hopefully twice the size, too heavy to carry and contains a bit about Sprint Duathlons). 1. Anyway, on the subject of tapers you say, sensibly, that taper lengths vary according to age, fitness level and sport. Is there any taper calculator where we could get personalised estimates of these? 2. I've been looking at TSB/CTL/ATL and influence curves. Combined with my personal experience (good AG athlete but I could be younger) these seem to strongly suggest 2 week tapers doing virtually nothing, except the occasional short intense session. Which kinds flies contrary to popularly held views. Do you have a view on the correctness of these data?
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on History Lesson: The Zatopek Effect at Joe Friel
Joe, anecdotally I have to 100% agree. Being a veggie perhaps my protein should have been more carefully monitored. I used to get pains in my legs which I bravely attributed to "trying really hard". I now have whey immediately after (and sometimes during) my sessions and I have noticed a VERY marked lowering of leg pain. I didn't find milk anywhere near as effective.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2012 on Should You Use Protein After a Workout? at Joe Friel
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