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Love the PR speak... "cementing our IP position" IE buying enough patents for us to start suing people because the US patent system is freaking broken and doesn't always do what it was meant to do when it comes to technology/software patents.
Well, what I mean is that on the plus side they can use that money to hopefully get content from elsewhere that is less terrible looking. I watched a few shows provided by Starz, but the quality difference is rather large to my eyes.
Given that Netflix was paying for such low quality streams from them, I don't really see it as a big loss in the long run. I'm sure they'll get more content that looks better.
It is pretty odd that Nintendo would confirm it but Netflix would just kind of go 'eh, um...' when asked. :P Er oh, but that's right, I'm supposed to be acting like a nut in regards to the price change...GRR who can afford it now? RRRR!
For me it's been Dollhouse Season 1. Starts off a bit slow, but once it picks up a little steam, it's damn good. So of COURSE Fox cancelled it. I think they just hate Joss Whedon. Hopefully we'll have Season 2 for streaming once the DVD/Bluray discs are released.
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Aug 25, 2010