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The Coffee Guy
All Coffee, All the Time
Interests: Words of the world, economics, wood, a pilot, a biker, retro, no grade, more than it oughta be.
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You ask and hitherto consider yourself denied. Regulations are not laws of neither physics or moralities. Something Hume might had heard or heralded. Aske your self not what your mask can do for you, but what others can do for your mask. Askew is neither off nor abhorrent. Altered is both odd and obvious. Asunder is not bold or bright. Abhorrent is not a Karen state of mind. Can you consider the confines of Covid consternation? Abolitionists came from Ambrosia seeking truth through the abyss of information. Asinine asking for an abyss to burst while claiming ailments of asthmatic proportions will not wash. Wear what you swear. Smile inside your wearage, I cannot breathe my fumaric waste any more than the last person to die of cleaner air. I exhale at solar temperatures and my visual aids steam up instantly;... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2020 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Sos’a we all know my opining is off the charts at times. My issue in these chronic Corona times is with the graphs and charts people find, create, source, or further. Data is Dangerous without understanding. Numbers are nasty if you the source or the reason is nefarious. People assume that if “WHO” or “John” Hopkins” is somewhere on a chart, that the said depiction is accurate and defendable. Au Contraire mon ami! The use of an accredited source simply stuck on some information does not always accredit the information. Information can be acquired from a source then manipulated to the user’s delight. There are numbers, then there are numbers. On one extreme you have the naysayers, and on the other extreme you have the Vox Populi telling you the sky is falling. What we don’t have are coherent, thought... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2020 at The Coffee Guy's blog
There is now a new time reference. You heard it here first. It will be common to say things like, "in the days P.C., we would do such and such." Or perhaps "It's not been done A.C. like it was done P.C." The new terms of course refer to Pre-Covid, and After-Covid. This will be the norm. You read it here first! Why this is important, the last date reference was based on a death, and an un substantiated resurrection. Now too will the death and resurrection be the standard. Its just as well, I am tired of so many numbers in the dates. Oh yeah there will be a few issues like all the spaces on cheques and computer forms for the date. On the up side, I can use a bit of 001 in my life. We will... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2020 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Blogged about back in the time when time was not as valuable as it is now. Perhaps this makes it a worthwhile time saving venture. No investment necessary. Positions are open. Do not apply on line easily. This is for serious applicants only. It’s a simple time saver. There are those times when there is not enough time to complete a task or job. Then there are those times when there you lollygag about wasting time just because that task or job needed less time than you planned for. Parenthetically, never end a sentence in a preposition. Sos’a you understand acrectly, you have both limited time, and time surpluses. The trick it to be able to take those surpluses and transfer them to the deficiencies. Time banking. I know this sounds absurd, but accountants do this with funds all the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2020 at The Coffee Guy's blog
So, there are these people I know of, read carefully now, who will be standing near a large ring of stones. Catch an eye as they spy through about why, but not the ex. No axes here. Its that semi annual date when we rue the changes. Long to short, short to long, almost my old party line ring; long, short, long. The times are after all. We long wait for the shorter days to end and are too short on the long days of summer it seems. Some grass is always out of reach. Of course, not in the nation state of good ole Canada. The grass always seems to be available. So not only the Nazca lines align, so do other monoliths and arranged clods of colossuses on the orb. Only tinker tales and toils of waiting and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2019 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Bespoken and bespectacled, I swore never to utter mud slinging slurs on curs and vipers of the world. Too late. It was a playground thing that you couldn’t swat a kid with glasses. Why was that? Had I been smarter not younger I might have procured a set of fakies at the time. Bruises showed differently. It was a country school for sure. A place where roast woodcock for lunch was a normal thing to see. Blood was drawn every recess, and teams were picked for talent first, filler second. Near to everyone came on a bus. Ours took an hour each way. In the warmer months we would opt to ride our bikes the 10 or 12 miles through the unthawed back roads in spring to school. Times now a parent won’t allow a teen to walk 30 feet... Continue reading
Posted Nov 22, 2019 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Building a motorcycle has a lot of waiting involved. Its not all about the parts, its about the post. I have built a few, roadworthy Bikes over the years, I could have built dozens, but the transit of inanimate objects does not come by galactic transporter technology. There are no next day Amazon parts, there are no drop by and pick them up parts, there are no guaranteed next day deliveries, and there are no parts that just come up on your social media feed that make you say, ”hey, exactly what I need!”. The black kettle has been calling the stove black a’til its black and blue. Blued steel, sometimes not the goal at any rate. Where does this stuff come from? Then the thing you find in Australia or Indonesia arrives in two days. Regardless of locale, THAT... Continue reading
Posted Oct 10, 2019 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Sosa’ we all travel, or at least I hope you do. We do. The old Novem double hockey sticks apparently changed everything. If it wasn’t secure, we bolted it down to the extreme. Well at least for a week or so. Then the standards came out and every two-bit aviation authority took to the business of interpretation. Nobody stepped in. We all stepped out. Now these places have some stepping sideways, into scanners, up to wands, over to the side please, turning around? and sundry other contortions concocted at the willy nilly of these acrobatic security passels. My fave of late is the four S. Basically, means you don’t have to disrobe and they scootch you past all the other security measures and they swab you almost everywhere to the extent that you had of wish you just passed a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2019 at The Coffee Guy's blog
It all began with a roundabout drive home through a part of my neighbourhood I don't often go through. Rounding a corner I caught out of the corner of my eye a ”FREE” sign. Always up for something free I backed up in my car and eyed a sign on the side of a motorbike. After the two guys already kicking the tires had confirmed they had to go ask a wife if they could have it. I immediately stated, “Don't bother, I’ll take it”. I secured the ownership from the guy with it up for grabs and drive the short distance home to tell my wife while she was driving me back to pick up the bike. I pushed it the two blocks home and beamed at my newly acquired ride. I felt like I hit the lottery. I... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2019 at The Coffee Guy's blog
It took some time to plenish the pouch for pounding, done now. Scramblers for the winter need fairing for the warmth. Bezzels will be bunged out for breathing. So, after some time and other projects I find myself peening and pounding, rolling and reeling over the two side covers. Fending off the snow will be part of the need. Of course, who had heard of a Winter Scrambler. Will I need a trail pass? Or will I just pass the trails and go to trial? 20 gauge seems heavier now, .036 they say, was the weight of old cars. Now with the aluminiums, and the polymers, and fibrous carbon, those panels are a lot thinner than drinks at the ole’ watering hole. The ease of crimping cramps my styling of better than beaten boards in the past. Maybe there is... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2019 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Sos'a I get onto the interweb thingy and suss out the Winter Camo stylings. Seems simple enough for something searched. I go and procure the appropriate tints and tanks of paint. Yeah well…….. So, you kinda might opine that I like to try it myself. Have done a lot of things two, three, and some times four or five times over. This was not one of them. Came enamoured with the first enamel. Then the second and third. Assembly was next, just checking looks and lurks. You will never see this baby in the Winter. It’s Camo. What would be the point if you could see it? This is a point I ponder periodically about the attire of persons in said clothing. How do they sell it if you can’t see it? How do you buy it? Is it already... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2019 at The Coffee Guy's blog
So I get back the K nobbies and guides, bearings etc. All goes together well regardless of the time elapsed. Stance is def higher, and the skinnies look mean and adventurous. Did the stand extension and slipped off the center one. Now finally getting places I thought I would be in a month ago. Will do some baking in the future to slip out the other four and in go the eight. Then some lapping without having to run a meter. This is delicate shite, as you don’t want to overbake and end up with a prop for a head. Need this done sosa’ I can start on the manifolds exhaust and farings. I know it sounds daunting but I wanna get this done in the next few weeks. Gotta gestate on the paint and that may take some time.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2018 at The Coffee Guy's blog
So off goes the old rubber and new shoes for the Winter Scrambler project. Pulling tires reveals oxidization on the Non-tubeless cast rims. New to me that you could have this but the Japanese seemed to know lesser in the 80’s. Fine sanding and buffing brings down to the metal, wanting a tight fit regardless that the tubes will seal. And a not to oft inspections of bearing and brakes, Speedos and discs. VHT on the disc and the rest left with a degreasing and buffing to remove old oxidization. An Ion sink would have been nice ON these old bikes. So the choice for DOT mild On/Off road tires is slim. Odd sized rims slims the options. A nice afternoon at Apex and I get my selections, albeit two different manufactures. In the end the Tread is identical and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 24, 2018 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Slipped the tubes off the GSX for a rebuild. You know seals and shine. Looking to do 2 inch plug end extension too. Working on it in my mind. Slipped off ok, stinky oil slurping slowly groundward. Had no idea and 3 of the 4 parts needed on each are available. Ordered. Pete plodded through the numbers. The other part in 3 minutes was ordered from North Carolina. Simple enough. Tubes we shiny with a light spotting between the trips and the seals. Steel wool took that off. All else buffed and cleaned. Ran the wheel on the lowers after a light 2000 grit sanding. Nice enough, no concours here for the Winter Scrambler. Stand is a little tippy with no fronts on, sat the wheel on the stand for some extra weight. Now to find that machinist to turn... Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2018 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Yesterday was a relax kinda day. Pooled the ole GSX out and looked for some remedials. Found a few, fixed one. Java in hand. Sosa you know when some other guy fixes something and they really don’t care, its just a POS. right foot peg looked drooping, well thought is was a hammer job. Now peen would push that back, so it was a cut and weld situation. Slipped a fillet out of the old join and lined it up square. Off comes the part and a cleanup for the MIG meister. Weld and clean, a quick paint and its back on. Peg was purloined from stock on hand and painted to match, Job only half done now a cuz the other side is still rusty. ON goes the jobs, one breeds another and more 15 minutes jobs turn to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2018 at The Coffee Guy's blog
The motors that run the motion of the cycle are internally set, calculated and precise. To tear one down requires patience and planning. So’sa I’ve done a few. The latest, the lil GSX Snowbird is awaiting guides. Punched four out on the wrong side, so I must wait for the full rasher of another 4 before I bake and punch the other side out. Then its to press and peen each one into its heated sleeve. Down toe the ring. Slide on and lap the valves, then reassemble the top. This is where real patience and planning have and affect on the effects of assembly. Slip the cans over the pistons and gingerly coax the rings up into the tapers. Once inside they will slide to the bottom and the next layers are readied. Another gasket, a few chain guides,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2018 at The Coffee Guy's blog
As being released comes with restrictions, time shortens when you have more of it. Weather releases the mind until precipitation precipitates the need for more space. Oh, there is no rain in space, only in Spain, as long as Spain includes the rest of the modern world. Modernity brings the olde to the fore as antiquity brings all things new again. Hectic days ahead as I see them. I compatriot of mine stated, “Never finish the list.”. Wise words to the wary worker wending his way through the miasma. As the trial of the tribute trickle through my days, the list pushes one end off and leaves freedom on the new end filled steadily. Stalking the stock of stores, looking for that last scrap of incidentalism needed for and other to fall off the end. After all, it’s the minutiae... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2017 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Whilly Nilly goes the door as spring waffles at the entrance. Mom would say “Shut the door!”, dad would say, “Either stay in or get out!”. But not merely for pancakes does the equinox bring other sweets. Some do prefer the waffle, steady or wavering. Waffles were originally the branded part of a steer’s skin after roasting over a fire. Just the crunchy part. When the dermis is dipped and deliriously fried, puffing up like Chicharron it resembles the infamous Belgian Waffle we drench in the syrup of the Maple tree. Don’t believe me, don’t look it up. While a fortnight of warm had passed by some weeks ago, there is no doubt that the lion we dread is nigh on our doorstep. The upside being, that the whole world is not going to pot, but that the penultimate day... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2017 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Bludgers are everywhere these days. Seek them out? Out seeking them? They are sought out. These are the terms you need to be aware of as and English confabulator. Reek, reeking, wrought? One would have thought, but no it is nought correct. Or better yet, you have nought correct. Are you naughty then? Or a bacon buster? Have you seen and been to the scene where it goes wrong? So now that used to be an honest 454 its now either 300, 375, or 500. With out the mathemagical mystery tour, you too can be un-baconed. Yeppers, as you know I can, I ran the numbers. A pound of the pavement weighs the same as a pound of the buttered yams, battered and beaten mushrooms, or even the unleavened feather bed. 454 grams is the equivalent in the Celsius scale.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2016 at The Coffee Guy's blog
The course of pouring did not include cement. I can make a Java do anything, but it’s not cement. Trials turned into tribulations as trivial tests took a bend. Egress and ingress made easy now, no lemon squeezy. With the Fall of the year nigh, the spread needs some tending and turning. Too much neglect building, biking and batting over the summer. Weather, whether or not you agree, rules the roost along with any and all sundry roosters you might have roosting in your roof. Pull a nice 15 on the metric weather maps and you will be out for sure. Well, as long is that big yellow orb hovers o’er you all. You might not know that “o’er” comes up as a correct work using the American spell check but “un’er” don’t. So iffin’ you were at the ponies... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2016 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Wales wails about Whaling at this time of year. We in Canada rue the drop in temperature and contemplate hibernation for the nation. I on the alternate appendage, see this change in temperature practice for the apocalypse. Position yourself as a teaching nation. Ready to accept all comers to the north with zero cold weather skills. We could preach and teach on, Icy road driving, coping with the cold, the diseases that chills bring, warm indoor eating, cold weather sports, snow carving, ice sculpture, shoveling techniques, snow clearing technologies, footwear for ice and snow, cranial protection for both the cold and slippery. The list would be endless. And you are mostly glaring at the screen pushing buttons in anger,” Its Global Warming, not Colding!” YUP. But hear this out. The global warming will take place about up to about the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2016 at The Coffee Guy's blog
So the uplifting time of year is nigh, near to the touch for trimming and digging. Burrow and tunnel your thoughts for what we will do when. The weather gets warm? So who will posit positive ruminations of temperatures in climes of summer. Will you BE the hex? Will you be the vanguard? What warrant do you wave for wistful thinking? I like it 20 in the metric scale of things. Not that riding will be forthcoming until the Good Surgeon Schwike clears me for ambulation. Hopefully the 4th, Be With You. As the best of us we regale on the eve of the Cinco De Mayo, pronounced, [ˈsiŋko ðe ˈmaʝo] I will be in sincere jollification. Do you have your deco’s up? Do you have a nice Matador arranged for a small slaying of El Toro on the festive... Continue reading
Posted May 2, 2016 at The Coffee Guy's blog
So one small slip and there you are pined and cast. No more plaster on this body though, I know Noah and that boat and beasts used it: nothing that old is going on OR in my body unless its Scotch. So a fortnight with a splint. Looks like a cast, feels like a cast,,,,,, well, it’s not a duck anyhow. Been under? Not down under, not under the influence, not under the covers or under cover, not under the weather or under paid. Not under slung or swayback, not under wired or under-serviced. Just under? Saw it coming, missed it and woke up thinking I was still waiting for it. Yup was under. Now with stanchions of steel screwed or bolted to my interior I feel even more like the man of steel. Well so much for tricking out... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2016 at The Coffee Guy's blog
Was there something about coffee you needed to know? What could anybody possibly NEED to know about the Java? Was it Arabica or Robusta? There are ONLY two kinds. Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2016 at The Coffee Guy's blog
So have you ever been south? Really south. Below the wall south? Maybe even below that? Not so far that you start to rise up again? Say Belize or Panama? A man, a plan, Panama. Spell that backwards. Common phraseology, regular banter. So where the temperature is already hot in out minds, what is the state of “climate change” discussed on popular radio or media in those realms? Struggling little labor unions Strip mining and hydroelectric dam land and water grabs Phones and computers tapped Impunity enjoyed by the political caste Divers in were each fined for “piracy” Wiretapping of political opponent Devolved into chaos Investigation into corruption allegations Aedes aegypti mosquito, responsible for zika Curb the drought affecting the main rivers Flouted laws and broke agreements Where doust thou go when dreaming these up? Let’s look at our Canadian... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2016 at The Coffee Guy's blog