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Hello, My name is Trigger and I was the one who created the "RIP: Xbox Ireland" topic on Irish Gamer. I choose the title of the topic as I posted it with a link to a news piece that was on the old Xbox Ireland about how Xbox Ireland was dead as there was not enough people to run the site. This news piece was later removed from Xbox Ireland and replaced with one about Xbox Ireland relaunching. I think it is stupid how people can judge Xbox Ireland when it's just relaunched. It's like judging a baby to be stupid because it cannot walk yet. What I mean is give Xbox Ireland and it's staff some time to properly complete the site. I think the relaunch date was to soon for them to fully get the site completely free of problems.(I have encountered errors on the site sometimes) Personally if it was my website I'd have welcomed the critisisms as they would help me make the site better. Either way I hope Xbox Ireland and Irish Gamer will be able to work together. As fighting over which website is better is completely pointless and stupid. Especially when there is so many problems already in this world. As Noel has said in the past I hope both websites become successful and further Irish gaming in general. Thanks for reading, Trigger. PS: As the old saying goes,"Rome wasn't built in a day.".
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