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Too bad Neos is practically unusable on desktop. The interface is clearly VR-first at the expense of everything else. No love for desktop users, who will always outnumber VR users.
I don't think what you're suggesting ("add Unity inside the Second Life viewer") is even legal. The Second Life viewer is open source, licensed under the GPL. Unity's is not; it's proprietary. You can't just combine two engines under entirely different licenses together, especially not with the GPL involved.
@Luther Weymann - if your scenario had come to pass, Second Life would have ceased to exist. Because those "upgrades" you're asking for every 3-5 years would have broken past content. THAT is why Sansar exists. That is why LL had to create a clean slate. Because SL is their baby, their cash cow, and they couldn't risk pissing off their users by turning SL into something else entirely. If SLers would just get over their blind premature hatred for Sansar they'd realize Sansar was actually what would have ensured SL's continued existence, not a threat to it. With Sansar, LL is able to experiment and break things as they need to without impacting or affecting the 2 decades worth of content in SL. It's not possible to upgrade SL in a meaningful way without breaking content. That's reality. It's an OLD engine, created in a very different era. Content creation methods, tools, and pipelines have changed significantly since. Retrofitting new tech into SL is not as easy as you make it sound. Sansar was LL's method to avoid pissing off the SL userbase. Content breaking every few years would have caused people to leave in droves. SL would NOT have survived that, nor would have LL. Then neither SL, Sansar, or LL would exist today.
At some point they'll probably even abandon the blockchain crap when it becomes inconvenient too. They already abandoned VR and open source, two major reasons they were able to get funding in the first place. This is not a business that can be trusted. "When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything."
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Sep 7, 2019