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I love my vintage forty year plus Sunbeam mixer but I have coveted a Kitchen Aid mixer for years and the red is gorgeous.
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The joys of toddler eating and the unbelievable mess. Anything they can pick up with their fingers is good. My son was the most adventurous eater between the ages of 2-5 he would consume just about anything, loved chickpeas and rice, spiced cauliflower which he would devour in huge quantities spraying food all over the floor. Kids in general do seem to love chickpeas so maybe chickpeas with pasta would be the ultimate good time food for Hugo.
I love Asian dumplings and only discovered recently how easy they are to make at home. They are great to make with kids. The pumpkin filling is unusual I must give it a try.
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It is absolutely unbearable and the more you think about it the more unbearable it gets. How will the surviving kids be able celebrate Christmas and then go back to school. In Australia assault rifles were banned (many were bought back by the government and destroyed) after a horrific massacre in 1996. Since then we have not had any of these shooting massacres. For many of us outside America we can't help asking not why but how? How could this unstable young man have had such easy access to this kind of weaponry. I hope this unfathomable horror of this event brings about some change in the gun culture in the US.
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Dec 17, 2012