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That is a great perspective. Thank you! My current work-from-home job gives me flexibility, a great benefit that allows me to balance my current income needs with future goals. Sacrificing some of the time I could spend working to write is worth it, especially considering the long term view. :)
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"I do hope people will stop universalizing their own experiences and start focusing on what's best for their family, instead of judging others for different decisions." Beautifully said, and agreed.
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I've heard that before, too, Kim and it is SUCH great advice! I don't have kids yet, but we live across the country from both of our families. I'm glad to hear it can be done. :) Any tips?
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I have a question for you- has the amount you're earning from your blog ever made you feel weird about taking time for your writing and paying for help? I have struggled a lot with feeling like writing is a "waste" of time, financially speaking, even though it's something I love and gives value to those who read. I don't have kids yet, but even spending time on my blog that I could otherwise spend earning income makes me feel guilty sometimes. My husband wants me to spend the time writing and thinks it's worth it, and I do, too... most days. Just curious if you've ever felt anything similar. Based on the healthy sense of this post, probably not. :)
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Just found your blog and I love it! Thanks for writing. I grew up in [Northern] California and moved out of state when I got married immediately after college. I struggled to find friends and it wasn't until we moved again, to Charleston, SC, that I really felt I had community, and it took a lot of time and effort to nurture those relationships. However, I was struck by how much easier it is here in the South culturally to build friendships than it was in California or Arizona, even as a California native with built in friends. Thanks for sharing your perspective on a topic that we all struggle with in early adulthood.
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Feb 22, 2013