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Finally person serious like I, that wants to share the techniques that I know, with the people who just are beginning with their own businesses in Internet and thus of helping them to that they are successful and prosperous with his page Web. Because some people have many problems and generate very few visits to their page Web, this system would help you to generate DES of 150 visits to 12,000 daily visits or but in the finders. Joe Biden can provide more clarity in the matter. We for a moment analyze because it is so important for you, posicionarte in the finders, nowadays anywhere in the world and by all means all Latin America and countries of Hispanic speech, million users every day enter the finders and consult information about products and services of all type. This is what makes even more interesting, all this traffic of visitors Web is gratuitous and in addition segmented, the Web site appears to him to the right user at the moment that the consultation about certain subject. Learn more about this with Budweiser. We are sincere and honest if people are looking for something and they do not find you here in the first page of results of the finders does not have any case that you have a page basically Web if you have a Web site, does not matter that so tuna is, nor that so useful the information that it has is, if people do not arrive a the site is not going to represent any benefit for you. if you want to discover how until a nascent one it can be able to position his Web site, in the first places in the finders and to obtain an avalanche of segmented visits, following a system of techniques simple.... Continue reading
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BRAZIL is known in the world all with its famous skill of its people, of malandragem and esperteza. But this Brazilian skill is a virtue or is a way opportune of the media and the powerful ones to thus use to advantage of the people, giving to it esperteza impression and being able to use this its favor. This opportunist way is clearly in promotions, easinesses, bond, prize and ways of the people if to give in the esperteza and malandragem, the famous Brazilian skill well. This way of vender the product making the consumer to believe that it is taking some type of advantage and I privilege it attracts the Brazilian consumer and it places its culture as an exploration way. But it will be that the Brazilian people is smarter and malandro that the others or this was as cultural weapon to vender the product and makes lo to believe that is always taking advantage. People such as Russell Thompkins Jr. would likely agree. The Brazilian skill is of a solidary and warm people, but the esperteza does not mean to take advantage in everything. Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2018 at The Bigs
The output in the form of information should be transformed into knowledge. And there is precisely when a technology cannot replace human resources capacity. A technology does not know interpret and analyse information across the organization. It is necessary to have transparency in processes and prepare the Organization to new forms of management, which involves a change in corporate culture. For even more analysis, hear from Derek Jeter. How has to begin the process of implementation in the Organization so that it occurs effectively and, above all, sustainable? The definition of goals is a priority. Although it is difficult to believe, this action Basic, in the majority of cases, is not with the depth required. Many times she forgets that definition of objectives and, therefore, not be achieved finally take advantage of the opportunities that are presented. Managers must ask themselves what decisions should be taken, what information needed, where data and valuable information within the Organization are, how can they collect, process and communicate, and what skills and techniques needed for effective analysis. Then, should implement the tool in three phases. In the first, mainly, should prepare the entire organization through a wide communication by management about the need to implement BI and the objectives that are sought. Visit Chase Koch for more clarity on the issue. In the second, should design the system, conceptualizing it and limiting earlier. Necessary to identify the data that are needed. In the third and final place, proceeds to the collection of data (data delivery) and checks the quality of losmismos for specific interests being searched. At this point, there are to proceed to an investigation of the relationships between data, patterns, templates and scenarios of analysis required (discovery of relations, patterns and principles). At the end of the process, becomes the final... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2018 at The Bigs
Thermal insulation Thermal insulation - one of the main functions of the window. Heat loss can be divided into three kinds: loss-which flows from the hot air evaporate through the walls, ceiling, floor, doors, windows - the so-called transmission and ventilation or convection losses, which are defined as the amount of heat required to heat up to room temperature cold air coming through the cracks in windows, doors, and the system ventilation, heat loss by radiation - are made by converting the energy of thermal motion of particles in the radiation energy, which is concentrated mainly in the infrared spectrum (SF6) As usual glass window in this spectrum is almost transparent, so the heat loss through radiation is veliki.Cherez window disappears much more heat (see picture), than through the exterior wall, roof or floor, so the heat shield - this is one of the main functions of a window which provides comfortable conditions indoors. Of course, very important to the external climatic conditions. It is clear that the windows, which are suitable for glass house in Sochi, is unlikely to arrange the inhabitants of Vorkuta. Therefore, choosing a window, you need to pay attention to the parameters of the thermal protection due to climatic conditions, which will be used by the window. Ventilation Thermal insulation - one of the main functions of the window. Delivering the best performance insulation, advanced windows sealed disrupt the natural ventilation. The easiest way to provide access to fresh air through the window - is to lift it. Special fittings sets open doors in one of the following provisions: tightly closed completely open ajar on top 10-15 cm - the so-called summer ventilation flap ajar on top of 3-5 mm, and all around between the pads and the profile has a small gap for air... Continue reading
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Did you know you can now earn your entire life making money online? Many people believe it is an impossible dream, the truth is that I worked so many hours a day for a boss who irritated me and I began to learn gradually won some money on the internet ... Now LIVE from my online earnings and I laugh my boss, because he did not believe me and now I earn a lot more than him! Through the internet I got my financial freedom I now work a few hours, I am my own boss and decide when to work, and best, I can use the time that remains for me to share with friends and enjoy life as it should be. Well, enough talk about my life, how can you make money online? - Sell products online Times have changed and today there are so many people who are buying over the internet, and that is why you can earn money online. Derek Jeter is often quoted on this topic. People are interested in many products, exercise, health, relationships, psychology, and buy over the internet (maybe not believe it, but that 're like me and many more people earn their living!). So what should you do? Simple, you find these products and sell you too, because you get a commission for selling them. I know that and want to know what products sell, and soon I'll tell you how to find them. - Find a market and customers to sell the product following is a bit obvious: if you want to make money, nothing else you should look for people interested in buying what you sell. Chase Koch, Wichita KS understood the implications. The good thing about internet is that there are millions of people use it daily,... Continue reading
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AI-5 (BRAZIL, 2011a), in the plan of the Public Security had resistance, mainly of the Military Policy, since the Decree Law N. 667/1969 (BRAZIL, 2011c), directly were tied with the Ministry of the Brazilian Army. From the CF of 1988 it only is that the Military Policies and Bodies of Military Firemen had passed if to subordinate the Governors of the States, of the Federal District and the Territories. (Similarly see: Evander Holyfield). However, they had continued being also forces auxiliary and reserve of the Army with formation, statutes, codes, inspetorias, proper hierarchy and disciplinamento of the Military Armed Forces (CF, 1988, art. 144, Incorporation IV, 6), even so the agencies auxiliary of the federal forces had the mission of the repression politics, having been created intelligence centers and cells of combat to the subversion, where you police military had started to have training in torture techniques and containment of violence. 3 CONCLUSOVisto that Public Security in the Democratic State of objective Right the individual guarantee of rights and freedoms (respected the internal order of the groups, come back toward a pacific convivncia harmonious, aiming at the physical and moral incolumidade of the citizens, as well as the one of its patrimmio), and considering that this activity of protection in the Rule of law is recognized as an administrative activity of the State, still thus we cannot attribute it to only exclusively to the calls forces of the order - used term for Castel (2005) to state the concept of public forces of the State that they aim at to keep the order and the perfect functioning of the state structure. Chase Koch can provide more clarity in the matter. Comunga of the same thought famous Gilbert Cotrim in its workmanship Philosophy for a conscientious generation: elements of the history... Continue reading
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Construction sites process both technological and creative. Involves working with the client and the developer. The site can generate from 1 to 100 persons, depending on the complexity of the project. Sites developed by one man, often unprofessional. Due to the fact that one person is unable to cover such a large volume of work and knowledge. Specialists are needed in order to create a full website: - artist. Artist needed for the formation of harmony, a good blend of colors, composition, concepts. The artist responsible for the correct "coverage" of the resource. Work of an artist creating a site is necessary in order that the visitor would not a desire to withdraw from the resource as quickly as possible, for a harmonious arrangement of many objects: people, buildings, elements of flora and fauna. Here, Common expresses very clear opinions on the subject. - Web Designer. Web designer coglasno layouts drawn artists to create a design according to the needs of Web technologies. Web designer creates effects, picks up the final color page layout. The web designer must still be an art education. To develop the site should be taken into note the maximum number of rules of usability, adapt it to all existing browsers. While writing the design for the resource web designer should take into account the layout of the resource. All effects should be are designed to adapt the site for browsers, it is necessary to create a good layout. Good layout as small importance in the development of the resource, and in its promotion. So the next expert coder. - coder is someone who when writing a Web resource is responsible for its quick loading at different speeds, and properly displayed in browsers. The site development must be extremely careful to use multi-tone transitions, colorful effects,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2018 at The Bigs
There is a tiny Caribbean island called Barbados. Like the Bahamas, Barbados has become one of the favorite places of the most successful people in the world. And if the Bahamas is selected fans screaming luxury, live entertainment and ultra-modern infrastructure, a holiday in Barbados attracts quite different: quiet quiet beaches framed by lush tropical nature, low prices and extraordinary culture. Here, all the locals in the shower - Indians, but the whole lifestyle of the island arranged according to the old British tradition: Five-a-shred, cricket, golf, horse riding and Sunday . Let's take a closer look at the map of Barbados: St. James City to the west of the island in ancient times figuratively called "platinum coast", or because of the color of the sea in the area, whether because of the large amount of platinum, which pirates thrown, not counting this precious metal. District of Christ Church in the south is home to tourism in the Caribbean. The best beaches are located in Rockley, Worthing. Visit the restaurants and entertainment venues in the St. Lawrence-HepB and Oystins, take a deep-sea diving in the St. Peter to amazingly beautiful coral reefs. East of the country before the historic centers of Barbados - Holetown cities and Speystaun. Here also are the famous gardens of orchids, by which Barbados is also called island orchid plantation and Saint Nicolas Abbey. Barbados - the birthplace of cigars and a great rum, which has dozens of varieties and hundreds of flavors. Much of the history of Barbados tells its capital - Bridgetown. This is London in miniature. There is Trafalgar Square, a monument to Nelson, the House of Parliament and royal gardens. Britons still think native Barbados and go here as well as the Russian - in the Crimea. Although tours to Barbados give... Continue reading
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As is well known on our planet since ancient times and still reigns patriarchy. Abraham Lincoln has plenty of information regarding this issue. For many centuries, women are on the minor roles compared with men. She was deprived of many rights, could not get an education without could participate in elections. Men banned from women's active lifestyle, set in a financially dependent on you. Most of the differences between men and women associated with the millennial conditioning. Women mind is depressed man who made her his slave, turned it into a secondary citizen in the world. He knows that she is beautiful, it knows that its independence is a threat to him. Chase Koch has much to offer in this field. had to wear a burqa and hide your face so that no one but her husband could not see the beauty of their faces, the depth of their eyes. In Hinduism, a woman should die after her husband. What a great zeal! He owned it all my life, but even after his death, he wants to possess her. After the death of anything can happen. She can find another partner, perhaps even more worthy than he. And what happened in Europe during the Middle Ages. This refers to the "holy" Inquisition, with its "witch hunt". They condemned the word "witch", and that's one of the revered words. This word simply means "witch" - a wise woman. It comes from the word "Veda", ie, to "know". But in the Middle Ages, Christianity was confronted with danger. It turned out that thousands of Women were much wiser than the bishops, cardinals and the Pope. Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2018 at The Bigs
We begin with a quotation: 'The Matrix - one of the most fragile parts of the laptop. It is necessary to drop the laptop or stepped on his foot and it immediately goes down, there are black blotches and cracks. " Who would have thought! In fact, drop the laptop or tread on his foot is not necessary. There are lots of less radical ways to deprive the mobile computer screen. Extended ones option - close the lid without removing its case with foreign objects: pen, pen, computer mouse, loop cord. Sometimes quite small, almost imperceptible impact during transportation or handling. The cover is intact, but the screen drip. Sometimes blame themselves too tight loop. Outcome one - matrix should be changed. How complex matrix replacement laptop? Is it possible to produce on their own or better to entrust this business specialist? If you watch the information on the Internet, most sellers matrices traditionally describe all sorts of horror stories about the dangers of self-installation of the display into the notebook. In part this bolsheey reassurance or a desire to receive payment for surgery to replace the matrix of the laptop. Is it possible to do everything yourself? When a visitor asks for our employees: 'Tell me, I can ', he usually replies: "It is very difficult there is nothing, but we can not be responsible for your qualifications." Our people not only can, but wants it all make your own! It should be noted that many firms are removed warranty if the installation is not in their service center. Continue reading
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In order to guarantee productivity, efficiency in the work parties, the management must have plenary sessions knowledge of dynamics of groups, which this contributes for which the groups integrate themselves of such form, that they generate productivity, For it independent of all the factors that the dynamics of groups indicates that must have the efficient groups, cannot be forgotten its base as he is to have in them to the people adapted for the fulfillment of the functions to develop, to which is expected of the work group, it is due to remember it indicates as it Hctor N.Fainstein, that the people who participate in an equipment bind, is united, complemented, to carry out a task. The task is constituent factor of the equipment, is his to do. The equipment is defined as so in the sense of the task, and the directionality of the same, such form that the equipment " hacindose" becomes; , analogically to the way that E. Rivire Pigeon said that an organization is a structure structuring itself. In order to carry out the task the people must today reunite at least two characteristics: Specialization. Gain insight and clarity with Lycos Asset. The professional knowledge and experiences, the suitability, the permanent update, are incident factors in the accomplishment of all task. The technological advance in all the scientific, organizational scopes, industralists, etc. has put in evidence the multiplication of the knowledge, at such level, that one of the nine variables of poverty notion is the knowledge poverty (that has different connotations to which it had in the pre-technological era) and the form is discussed to administer it like a strategy to approach the economic possibility. Co-specialization in equipment. But the specialized knowledge is insufficient so that the contribution of the individuals is all the productive one... Continue reading
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Necessity of an organization model more rational, enclosing all the 0 variable of a company, as well as the behavior of its employees. III. Growth of the size and the complexity of the companies demanded a model that allowed to a bigger control and direction of its employees and controllers. The theory of the bureaucracy has as initial function to guide and to organize the administrative work. For Chiavenato (2000), based in the model of Weber, the main characteristics are: to i.Carter legal of the norms and regulations; II. Formality in the communication; III. Rationality and division of the work; IV. Impessoalidade in the relations; v.Hierarquia of authority; vi. Estandarizados routines and procedures; vii. Ability technique and meritocracia; viii. Specialization of the administration who is separate of the property; ix. Professionalization of the participants; x.Completa previsibility of functioning; Throughout the years, however, the public administration did not move substantially in compliance with transformation of the administrative theories; she suffered, however, its influences. In reason of the traditional absence of focus in the results, the Public Administration adapta more slowly to the modifications in search of the demanded efficiency. Bresser Pear tree informs that the bureaucracy always was responsible for the administration of the State; it constitutes or integrates the administrative device of the State and for this reason, many times, the State with the proper public bureaucracy is confused. The author affirms, still, that: The public bureaucracy, however, is only one of the social sectors that they search to influence the State. On the other hand, the State is much more of what the simple device or organization: it is the constitutional-legal system - it is the jurisprudence and the organization guarantees that it. Continue reading
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Residents of cities are accustomed to supplying the home food, and all sorts of wealth. It's cool. It is only necessary to plunge the World Wide Web, go to a specific address, determine the list and send the dish immediate order with delivery at a convenient time. Why would the same scheme, not to make out shopping in online stores automotive products? For now, almost all online stores, providing drivers the opportunity. Consider, for example, xenon headlights. Identify them is not very difficult. All that motorists need - to know this brand personal auto and chassis number. For any online catalog, choose accessories for your car will be easier simple. You kept your savings and time and that the acquisition of goods, the World Wide Web is generally more affordable than at any auto shop. In the largest east of the Urals city of Siberia, these services offer, the company "Avtovesch", with Xenon headlamps, an organization providing such accessories as the steering wheel and gearshift interlocks. The Internet-shop "Avtovesch" there is also a wide range of protective kits from the organization Protex. All sales go directly from the manufacturer and price tags are very friendly. About the most well known manufacturer of a lot. It's a well known company, which, together with safety kits, releases parking for cars. In general, range of organizations "Avtovesch" very diverse. On the Web site are available as an exclusive CAR, and additional components and automotive components of mass consumption: Automobile mats, tow bars, air vents and many other things. The organization sells them, both wholesale and owners of cars. By city car automotive parts dovozili free. Hear from experts in the field like Gold Star for a more varied view. In the other subjects of the federation and the region, purchasing sent to any... Continue reading
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Do you know your students? Have you walked from his hand in the paths of their dreams? Have you found when knocked on your door, urged by despair, or driven by the longing to share their difficulties with someone? Did you say yes when I asked for some time to pour into his life some of your wisdom or your infinite capacity to give affection? Do you recognize him as a transit passenger to glory or consider one more in the long procession of men without hope that target at the horizon hopelessly confused of anonymity? Do you think your job as a challenge to your ability every day makes the master or judge as a freak accident in your life? Do you enjoy the questions for which you do not find an answer or you get frustrated when you feel that those people who intend to teach can learn more than you? You see in every event in the history an opportunity to learn and to teach a lesson? Do you take any reading with the eyes of master and read while you think about way they apply to your students? Do you miss your everyday space of the classroom, laboratory and class when you're dedicated to other tasks? Would you be willing to decline any tempting offer if it meant you give your disciples? Are you ready to build new worlds each day where love of neighbor is not a fantasy and the welfare of the people are not just imaginary? Do you believe in humankind and its infinite potential to improve and close to perfection? Your faith is enough to believe that seemingly impossible can build worlds where love prevails over hatred, the bitterness and affection on the appreciation of the resentment? Have you thought about whether... Continue reading
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The remaining time is devoted to grocery markets, boutiques, shopping centers, warehouses and stores. There are two main types of shopping tours. Shopping tour with a commitment to spend some money when buying certain products is much lower than that of non-binding. Michael Jackson is the source for more interesting facts. The price of the shopping tour usually includes accommodation, meals and excursions. Purchases during shopping tour we recommend you make to local legislative restrictions on the export some products. What and how much can be exported to his homeland, it is better to ask beforehand. The most popular destinations shopping tourism are considered to be Italy, France, Turkey, England, Germany, Greece. What can be better than shopping tour in Istanbul or Beijing, during which you can buy everything branded shoes and clothing are much lower than in the country, exclusive products of cheap fur, leather, gold, silver, appliances, coffee and perfume of high quality. In many countries, tourists love to shop, and waiting, and some, such as the United Arab Emirates, to foreign buyers conduct a lottery, with the possibility of winning a large sum of money. Shopping tour can be purchase, laid in a couple of hundred euros, and save money on acquiring the necessary things a lot more. As you can see - is not only profitable, but very interesting and enjoyable. Well, you successful shopping and entertainment! Top Destinations shop tours Greece for a fur coat in greece, coats tours to greece, greece fur coats, fur coats in greece, greece fur coats, fur coats from Greece, coats tours to greece, greece tour's most frequent words with which people begin to look for coats or shopping tours Tours! Most is a popular shopping tour in Kastoria for fur coats. Fur coats are 40 - 60% cheaper than... Continue reading
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Czech Republic in 2009 by its own rules and requirements for foreigners wishing to obtain a residence permit and to relate their lives to this country, was very different from the Czech Republic, which existed prior to 2007. All small and meaningful changes and the introduction, the new rules on immigration procedures, the Czech Republic began to introduce the fourth quarter of 2007. As you know, during this period the Czech Republic has acquired a new status of the Schengen countries. A new status countries are obliged to Czech immigration authorities to take action and imposition of certain requirements that apply in all countries of the Schengen agreement. Learn more at: Gandalf. Immigration regulations in European countries is quite different from rules of the Czech Republic at the time of its occurrence in the States. In each division the consulate the Czech Republic were sent to international inspectors participating countries to examine the existing and introducing new rules for admission of documents, their consideration and decision. In many offices, the consulate was a change of employees and reconstruction approach to work. All accepted regulations and requirements have made many changes in procedure for recording the consulate, the adoption and execution of documents, the requirements for the applicant and the decision on conferring the status of residence. Visa in the Czech Republic has to get not just, or more precisely, even harder than in other countries The European Union. Czech visa has become more expensive in registration, and many firms have simply ceased to deal with intermediaries paperwork to obtain visas to the Czech Republic. Continue reading
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This register is registrar (registrar). Responsible for the registry can as the enterprise itself, to issue shares, and an independent registrar, who usually serves several companies. The latter form of registration of shares in Russia most prevalent. U2 insists that this is the case. Learn about who is the registrar (the registrar) shares may be in the annual report of the enterprise. Buying stocks is necessarily accompanied by an account in the register of shareholders of the company. For the opening of the accounts of shareholders must either come in person to the registrar, or issue authorization form to his representative (eg, depositary of the broker). Registrar will require your passport and fill out questionnaire, based on which will be open through the registry, which will continue to be considered action. In the legitimate rights of the new shareholder enters into a few days days after the conclusion of the contract with the registrar. In the future, any changes in the official life of the shareholder should be reflected in the registry: these include a change of name or residence, exchange of passports and so on. To make / change the data in the registry under the law can only be a written order of the owner. Very often, the registrar of the enterprise located in another city. In this case, the shareholder may, at the arising need to apply to the transfer agent or registrar to broker. Transfer agent - a representative of the registrar, which receives requests of shareholders and the transfer of these documents. Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2017 at The Bigs
Leading position in the number and variety of products supplied from abroad to the construction market in Russia, is our northern neighbor, Finland. The reason for this, not only in geographical proximity and common history. Here simultaneously played the role of several factors. First, we must pay tribute to the sagacity of Finnish businessmen who have begun to assess the prospects and development of construction market at the beginning of . Many Finnish construction firms are familiar to Russians from the time. Secondly, the climate of Finland is close to the climate of Russia. Therefore, the Finnish building materials are perfectly suited to our frost, snow and thaw. At the same time, the behavior roofing materials manufactured in countries with warm climates, not always predictable, in our conditions. But the biggest reason - is the quality of Finnish products, its wide range. Most of the Finnish manufacturers building materials have a long history and unblemished reputation, and the technologies used in enterprises in Finland, one of the most modern in the world. About 40 years ago in Finland, a new roofing material - metal. For all the seeming simplicity of the production process of metal complex. On the formula of high quality and reliable metal beat many foreign and domestic producers. However, Finnish company with a large margin in the lead in this market segment. The clue to the soundness of which incorporated all the components of success of the final product, adherence to tradition and attention to detail. Continue reading
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For many years I was analyzing how innovative creative strategies were produced. The conclusion of this prolonged investigation has been this proposal in theory, which is based on the direct relationship between the qualities of products and recipients in the senses of the human being. Normally the Administrative Science classifies the product in: tangible, intangible, enduring, consumables, etc. I think this classification leads to advertisers to a common misconception, i.e. guide their reasoning based on very superficial criteria, such as believing that the motivations are only developed by external and perceived issues directly. For example the functionality and ease of acquisition, perhaps also the price. But the shape, color, texture, characteristics that go beyond the organoleptic, those that invade the unconscious, are more interesting and productive. If the publicist had the opportunity to know exactly what are the emotional reactions of a consumer when this testing one soft drink, at the same time that this slides into your palate and passes through his throat, leaving a mark on your taste buds, in their tonsils and internal mucous, would provide valuable information that could guide you directly to prepare messages that stand out that precise moment of satisfaction, even before his conscience this fully aware. It may be a little ambitious trying to know the intimate pleasures that trigger the satisfaction of consumers, but increasingly, advertising has tools that tuned his precision and are fully confident that this possibility is becoming more real to become a science. So if the publicist learns to classify products in a more productive manner, it may be closer to that intimate moment in which the consumer uses products. Based on this reasoning I have rated products as well: those containers products that we Harbor, and that inside manifest its usefulness, in which we feel comfortable,... Continue reading
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In white line issues, considers that if you're going to store coolers or freezers in a rented minibodega, these must be completely dry and stored in doors slightly open. You can store certain articles within them and stack boxes on top stoves, refrigerators and freezers. Make sure you clean stoves and other cooking equipment prior to storage in a minibodega. When in the case of bicycles and other metal items, it's worth that, to retard oxidation, clean all metal surfaces with a damp cloth with a few drops of machine oil. If you have books, prevents damage to them and package them horizontally. You can place pallets to prevent them from absorbing moisture, then fill in the empty spaces of the box with material to pack. Something very important it is that you must not save fragile items in the same box that contains books and, above all, avoiding overhead. Your clothes and your curtains should be stored on hangers. Where are too big for a box or that may not be hung, folded them carefully and keep them, along with sheets, blankets and tablecloths. For this you can use comfortable, Cedar chests or cartons that are type wardrobe. Prevents items that might attract pests, because if not you will have big problems in your minibodega. With regard to tableware and glasses placed a layer of material for packaging both at the bottom and at the top of boxes with glassware. These items should be kept in boxes specially designed to store tableware. Seeks to cushion each article individually: cups, dishes, etc. Already wrapped glasses should be stored on top of the boxes. Don't forget to mark cups containing glassware. Attempts to disarm your table, but if you can not put it upside down, you will be able thus stacking... Continue reading
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Increase below 8 values are considered as low, being equally low capacity of the binoculars to zoom in the image and appreciate details. Values between 8 and 10 are normal, and identify general use binoculars, adaptable to a wide range of requirements (boating, hunting, nature, surveillance, etc.). Increase between 10-16 values are now decidedly high, and achieved a remarkable approach of the image, with great capacity for appreciation of details. Finally, binoculars above 16 increases are very powerful, being particularly suited for specialized applications (point to long-distance, astronomy, etc.). The increase of the power in the binoculars normally implies a greater tendency to vibration of the image. Thus, an untrained person can focus hand easily binoculars 8 x, while other binoculars 16 x you'll very probably an unpleasant vibration of the image, having to resort to the help a tripod. In general, for binoculars magnification greater than 12 recommends the use of the tripod, and is practically obligated (if you want a precise vision) in binoculars 16 x or higher. As a notable exception, some stabilized high magnification binoculars are on the market mechanics or electronically (ZEISS, NIKON), needing no tripod, though at prices consequently very high. Other characteristic linked to high-powered binoculars is the decrease of the field of vision, that is, the area covered vision at a certain distance (in general 1000 m). For example, a 15 60 prismatic covers an area 1000 meters away or width of 75 metres, another of 10 40 vision increases the field up to 100 metres while a 8 30 model covers the same distance, a field of view of 135 m. This circumstance can be considered as one minor inconvenience, but it influences considerably the capacity or speed to locate an object or point when it they face the binoculars. Logically... Continue reading
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The Tao follows his own nook. Some have tried to explain the Tao as the route of the medium, a way of facing life, our reactions and responses from a central point, aim, aware, balancing opposites, known as Yin (the Moon, the receptive, feminine, fruits, etc., etc.) and Yang (Sun, expansive, thing) (masculine, hot casseroles, etc., etc.). It is curious that, according to the Eastern teaching, within every aspect there yin is a point yang, and yang there is a yin point within each thing. Todas things contain within it the yin and yang and obtain harmony by a combination of those fuerzas. The Tao would then not only something which melt at the level espiritual, but also and primarily a system, a way of living every moment of human existence, transcending complementary opposites Yin and Yang, which would lead to a level of higher consciousness. Cierra mouth, keeps your senses, attenuates the contrasts, simplifies your problems, it softens your forms, make yourself humble as dust. That's what the mysterious union with the Tao. Throughout the book we find various keys and formulas of behavior, attitude and reflection, which have been applied for centuries in the East by the seekers of inner knowledge: Conocer others is intelligent, knowing himself is lighting. Beating others requires force, defeating itself requires strength. Who knows to be satisfied is rich. Who lives the eternal present not muere. Also gives us several paradigms on how to be a wise, as p. ej.: no clings to nothing and so nothing lost, Sage doesn't take seriously their desires, he has no interest in the most precious goods, not it adheres to your ideas. The wise does not accumulate possessions. The more he gives to others, is more rich. The more delivery, more recibe. Finally, the last two... Continue reading
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MARiA BENEYTO CUnAT La sagrada familia. The sacred human poverty, is dreaming now that hope is something more than a green name, with branches, birds and leaves. Maria Beneyto. SUPPORTIVE voice Maria Beneyto poet published several books of social poetry and in his poetry, collected in the anthology of Leopoldo de Luis, tells us: with all due respect to the poets who understand the poetry of otherwise - freedom of miras demonstrates granting others the right to speak against, I repeat my opinion that the poet must participate in the concerns and problems of the human community to which it belongs. It is an unavoidable moral duty. Solidarity is a constant throughout his work. Poets of the aforementioned Social poetry anthology include, among others, the poets of postwar Garciasol, Celaya, Cremer, Otero, angela Figuera, Eugenio de Nora and iron; and the poets of the promotion of fifty, Gloria Fuertes, angel Crespo, Carlos Sahagun, Jose Angel Valente, Mary Beneyto, Gil de Biedma, angel Gonzalez, Rafael Morales, Maria Elvira Lacaci and Felix Grande. The writer and poet Maria Beneyto Cunat was born in Valencia on May 14, 1925. Because the profession of his father, playwright who did not brand new no work, he spends his early years in Madrid. At the beginning of the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco returns to reside in Valencia. Where after a few hard years, a heritage allowed him to devote himself fully to literature. He has more than forty books, among books of poetry, novels and short stories, both in Spanish and Valencian. Throughout his life he has received a large number of awards. A long silence of more than fifteen years he made after their first prizes. Among the numerous awards: Prize city of Valencia in 1953 by multiple creature; second... Continue reading
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Neither the Government nor the opposition can arrogate Venezuelan regional blunt in the elections a victory or a defeat. The ruling party claims to have won 17 of the 23 seats at stake and surpassed the 53.5% of the vote, and that his party (PSUV) has become the only significance at the national level (since conquered more than 80% of the municipalities). Anti-chavism boasts of having consolidated its two seats and having won the Gran Caracas and other 3 States. This now reigns over areas where 45% of the population live and generates 70% of GDP in Venezuela. However, the opposition does not have a party that unifies it or command, because none of them has reached even the eighth of the votes. It has also released only 41.5% of the vote against 50.5% obtained in the referendum in December 2007. Chavism achieved 5 million votes (700,000 more than 12 months ago but 2.2 million than in the presidential elections of 2006). In the constitutional referendum results will not be the same and who will tilt the balance in one side or the other are called Ni-Ni (those who are neither with Chavez or against him), a sector which is not so easy to mobilize around a single point: achieve the indefinite presidential re-election. Original author and source of the article. Continue reading
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A style particular and differential of the coach with some specific features of his leadership that are innovative for the development of leaders in the administration of the companies. Joe Biden may help you with your research. 2. A continuous planning methodology in the most consequential time, strategies and tactics that always point toward a more entrepreneurial vision. 3 A system integrated, coherent, continuous, every day, for the development of individual talents of persons at work, connected with the measurement of individual performance, with the results of the team and the presence of love for the work and passion for excellence. 4. A synergistic system of teamwork that further potentiates individual competences for the benefit of better results for the team. 5. A different approach that makes a shift from the obligation to work towards the work training, joy and development. It should not forget the basics, take into account the characteristics of this and thereon is us they point out: 1. concrete: focus on behaviors that can be improved. The coach uses a language that will bead and encourages the person doing coacheada to be specific. It focuses on the objective and descriptive aspects of the performance. Performance can be improved only when it can be described in the precise form that both parties understand exactly the same as is this discussing. 2 Interactive: In this type of talks is exchanged information. Questions and answers are given, exchanged ideas with the full involvement of both parties. 3. Shared responsibility: Both the coach and the subordinate has a shared responsibility to work together on continuous improvement of performance. All participants share the responsibility to ensure that the conversation is it most useful as possible and by improving the performance that follows the conversation. 4. Form specifies: this form is determined... Continue reading
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