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Rod TheBod
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Since well-off people in the United States are lightly taxed by international standards, it may be possible to increase overall economic welfare by a modest increase in tax and spending programs... Throw in all fed, state, and local taxes; and we're taxed as much as anybody. Plus, our lovely deficits are a type of tax. Spending public money to make people better off is chasing an ever receding horizon. ...designed to lift the life prospects of the lower half of the income distribution... It would help here if we limited immigration. Much of the hand wringing over the falling wealth of the lower half can be accounted by considering immigrants flooding here to hoover up that cohorts prospects.
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"exploit that one superlative accomplishment" My more idealistic side likes to think that our society and its institutions have a plan to identify and promote worthy individuals at every step and at every level. I hope there are more judges of worth along the way besides the admissions officers at Ivy League colleges.
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"Even though the greater selectivity of the top colleges increases the earnings of their graduates, and so, prima facie, their contribution to aggregate economic welfare..." I'm wondering about this. GDP growth hasn't been all that great through these years of ever more exclusive college admissions. Maybe the elites and their Janissary corp have learned to watch out for themselves instead of practicing a little more noblesse oblige.
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Jan 28, 2013