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At the recent technology show in Las Vegas, there were oodles of companies offering e-readers. As a fan of Kindle, Amazon's e-reader, I must say that you'd have to really create something special for me to be interested. While the original version of the Kindle certainly had some technical flaws and design issues, they've gone to great lengths to improve on it with the latest version. The most recent Kindle allows for quick international use without having to first download the books to your computer. The buttons are much smaller on the Kindle itself, making it less likely that you'll accidentally go back a page like you would with the original version. The Kindle offerings also appeal to people who want a more compact design, and those looking for a larger version. Now, the new e-readers on display were quite interesting. One company had an e-reader that actually has two screens on the same page, allowing you to have a window open for surfing the web while also reading your book. Most of the e-readers, however, were just cheap copies of the Kindle. Perhaps something will surpass the Kindle eventually. At the moment, however, I wasn't impressed with any of... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2010 at The Calm Tech Coach
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Jan 28, 2010