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Ambulance chasing jerk. Too much of a clown to waste time with. And what kind of people listen to his radio show?
The Obamster is obsessed with the destruction of America as we know it, that's what 'fundamental transformation' means. Can you think of one thing the Moonbat Messiah has done that benefits America or its allies? I can't.
Might be a good idea to publish a list of these dhimmi kapos and we all start telling them how we really feel.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2013 on Dear Dhimmi Rabbis.... at Atlas Shrugs
"Trainers who equate the desire for Sharia law with criminal activity violate basic tenets of the First Amendment.” Fundamental transformation. Replacing the constitution (which is, according to the Moonbat Messiah "fundamentally flawed") with the sharia. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a conspiracy. In fact its high treason and no less than a coup d'etat. You have been hijacked, America!
Mosques that promote jihad and the misogynistic sharia must be shuttered. That means all of them.
Who has pictures with Naik & Suwaidan & Zaid Shakir? There pictures would really help us drive the message home. What are these nutbags thinking?
There are too many of them. There needs to be a shakedown.
Actually, he is dying to come out. I really think he has an incredible urge to tell us that he is, in fact a muselman. I wouldn't even be surprised if he would ask America to convert to Islam.
He is a Christian. Rinse and repeat: Obama is a Christian....! Or could it be....?
These are all isolated incidents by a tiny minority of extremists, misunderstanders of Islam. Can't tar all Muslims with one broad brush, can't be stereotyping a whole religion; not all Muslims this and not all Muslims that. Sick of it when it comes from those who have a religious mandate to murder us. But more sickening when the excuses come from our own.
They sure know how to hate.
Philip Mudd is the former Deputy Director of National Security, FBI and the former Deputy Director of Counterterrorist Center for the CIA. In that case he cannot be that ignorant. I dare say he is paid off. Mudd is in the bag. Lets start digging: has he been to Dubai lately? Is he married to a Fakestinian like Grover Norquist? Has he been to the hajj in the last couple of years? The creep is not kosher.
21000 jihadist attacks since 9/11 sounds almost like minimising it. The reality is that these attacks overwhelmingly caused casualties in the dozens, and sometimes in the hundreds. We should always say 21000 jihadist attacks that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents.
John Brennan was also impressed by "the majesty of the hajj..." He can't be a Muslim because he hasn't blown anything up yet.
Obviously, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan was not meant to be a hero. But this might be a major breakthrough for freedom of speech and for the counter jihad, as more and more Americans (and I include Canadians of course) wake up to what's at stake here. We can't have third world Koranimals pervert our values and our societies and turn our countries into the failed states they left behind.
Brilliant! Veerapan deserves the sack. Out with the trash!
Toggle Commented May 3, 2013 on Great Stuff at Atlas Shrugs
They have already been mirandized by the same judge.
They know very well what he is, and he knows it too. The impostor got away with just about everything so far, and so he makes a mockery of everything. (Btw: the PuffHo omitted it also)
Beats me how this guy could get into the synagogue. All synagogues in EUrabia are guarded and under 24/7 police protection.
Those 'petrodollars' sure have a way of coming 'round to bite us in the ass.... don't they?
One gets the impression that just about all of these TV-presenters are dumb, dense and in the tank for Islam.
The Koran is not even worth to be a doorstopper. Good to know that the people, the majority of the people, are not collectively insane and brainwashed. Good to know that the people support Pamela. Wish I was there with you, Pamela!
"Part of what makes her problematic is that there are real legitimate concerns about radical interpretations of Islam"-- wow, you don't say, Neuer. If only Neuer wasn't so ignorant and got his head around the fact that Islam doesn't allow 'interpretations', but needs to be taken straight up, undiluted. Anyway, well countered, Pamela. Nothing more to add.
The establishment Jews will give him another peace prize, or something....