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Peter, if you or David or someone else investigating want me to forward the GGBTS email to you, let me know. For the record, it's dated 3/29/2011 at 1::59 PM central.
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First, I don't know why sometimes I come through as "Sam" and sometimes "The Catholic Voyager" but anyway.... Scott, you said: "I was using sarcasm that the fellow was placing proof on their post that could easily be dismissed." What's easily dismissed about it? I emailed GGBTS. Someone monitoring the email there replied to me from the communications email of the seminary with the quoted statement that James White is not employed there at this time. Yes or no? Do you accept that the email I received is genuine? If no, then there's no need for discussion since it is genuine. And if yes, then we can all join hands and celebrate our getting at the truth.
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I came across this post over the weekend, and out of curiosity, I emailed the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. I wrote: "Dear Sir/Madam, I've been studying a particular topic floating about the internet blogosphere as to whether James White is currently a professor at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. I would like to help clear up speculation on either side. Can you confirm or deny that James White is currently a professor at any campus in any capacity? Thank you." The reply I got from the GGBTS Communications email was: "James White has never been a trustee-elected faculty member at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and is not under consideration for such appointment. He has taught in the past as an adjunct, but not currently scheduled to do so again. Thanks for your inquiry." There you go. -Sam
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Mar 28, 2011