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Mar 7, 2011
prove to those boys it didn't matter which way Rico liked his dessert, he would love what she was dishing up. She pressed her lean, boyish body up behind Rico and began to reach around to take control of this train wreck of a situation. Honestly,she had just come in to deposit her check from her job as...
I am stopping by from The Red Dress Club. Wonderful post. I lived on the West Coast for 9 years and my children never noticed differences in the families around them. It was normal to have parents from different cultures, countries, religions. I loved it. We now live in CT and when they came home from their first day of school they said was "Everyone looks the same!" They were shocked. Living in a bubble of a diverse area is ok in my book, it teaches your children that there are just families and they come in all different colors, shapes and sizes.
Having seen the same Dr. I felt he was very conservative when it came to surgery. He told us we could wait even though it is likely we'll need to take my girl's our at some point. I think if your little lady is not sleeping and getting sick a lot she must be feeling just awful and you will notice a HUGE improvement after her surgery. Also, if she has sleep issues due to tonsils it was NOTHING that you did, just bad luck. You'll figure it all out. Good Luck! Kathryn
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Darn girl bits...they are always giving us trouble. Let me make a wild guess...ER doc was a man? At the very least I hope they gave you amazing drugs!
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2010 on The Bad Egg, Part 1 at BloggingDangerously
You are braver than I... I tried going South of the Border once... NEVER WENT BACK.. Trim the trees myself now, thank you very much. Thanks for sharing, nice to know I'm not the only one afraid of the wax! Wrote about my debacle too, makes me hold my legs together just thinking about it!
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Jun 28, 2010