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Darren Lancaster
Campbell, CA
Co-founder & President of the groupery
Interests: volunteering, groups, group leaders, online community, community building
Recent Activity
Beth, Avinash's book looks good. At the groupery we're working on providing the right analytics for our groups to understand participation, reach, and engagement. Looking forward to discussing more of these ideas with you on Thursday. Darren
What a timely topic for us... We (the groupery) serve a lot of parent volunteer communities in schools (PTA/PTO groups) where privacy and walled gardens seem to be implicit. But notwithstanding obvious privacy/security issues surrounding children, we'd like to see these groups consider being more open to the local community to make it easier for local business leaders, volunteers, etc. to understand and join their cause. However, for many folks the lowest common denominator for communication channels is email. There's this inherent feeling that even group emails have a certain degree of privacy, but of course, they can be forwarded anywhere. Maybe it's time to help groups be more explicit in their group communications about what is meant to be open/public vs. closed/private? Community-based tools could support each mode to the degree possible, but also tag these communications in a more obvious way so the community can police itself (and not forward closed communications). At least that's a conversation we're having with our groups now as we consider how to help support their community guidelines and I welcome any thoughts on what would be the "ideal" way for an online community platform to support communities that are typically closed/private (eg. schools) vs. communities that have more public channels as a normal way of doing (some) part of their cllaboration (eg. nonprofits building social traction).